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New friends on the first very first day

RPG Friends tall shotAs I got closer to Steven’s campus I started to see happy cosplayers coming and going. Everyone was smiling and saying hi. It was infectious and I found myself in a great mood before I even got to the Castle Point Anime Convention. After arriving and getting my badges and information from the super helpful and nice staff I went to the unpack. As I got ready to run around and take photos I found I was already surrounded by great costumes and nice folks. After some light conversation with a few of them I quickly became friends. Two of these folks in particular caught my attention so I decided to interview them.  Frog from Chrono Trigger and Locke Cole from Final Fantasy 6.

RPG Friends outside evil cool shotI loved these guys. I really really did. They were both so easy going and chill that the conversation flowed freely on camera as it did before I turned it on. We all had the same interests and they were totally up for schooling me on some RPGs that I had missed growing up. They were absolutely what I was looking for at Castle Point Anime Con. They wore their love of all things anime, sci-fi, gaming and nerdy on their sleeves with pride. Honestly, the interview went on simply because we were having such a great time just talking. After a while I wrapped it out of fear dragging it out and taking up too much of their time. I honestly felt like these two guys could become friends of mine. It was bromance.

RPG Friends Action Shot

RPG Friends Outside group shotThe next day at the con I had the good fortune to run into the both of them again and bam. Another 10-20 minutes of us just chatting away, taking pics and talking all things fun. Once again I had to end the conversation and force myself to leave and attend the rest of the con, butnot before taking a few new pics and holding an awesome sword.
RPG Friends lost character


Thanks guys you two were amazing!

Me with RPG friends Sword shot


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