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Is Psycard Worth Your Time?



What Should You Play it On?

Psycard is available on iOS and Android, but honestly I don’t recommend spending the $1.99 on it.


Why it Fails:

darulezI was really excited to try out Psycards. I was intrigued by the description that it was a Minesweeper-type game based on logic and deduction. In truth, it’s really more about luck than anything else. You see, the cards you turn over do tell you if there are fruits, stars or skull cards around, but it’s not exact at all. The only thing that is exact is the car that tells you if there is a single fruit around signified by a ‘+’. For stars and skulls even if you see one on a card it actually means there could be 1 or more near that card. That’s messed up. That means you really can’t perfectly deduce where the actual skull cards are. Add to that the fact that you can’t see the cards the AI flips over and you’re pretty much left with a luck-based game. To add insult to injury, whenever you turn over a skull card, your opponent gains 4 points in addition to the points they received for whatever stars they’ve uncovered. It feels like you’re set up to lose. Oh and did I mention if you flip over a fruit or star card it doesn’t give you any information on if there are any other stars, fruits or skull cards around? That’s right, there are no indicators on this card so you pretty much have to rely on luck, again if you haven’t uncovered any cards around the star or fruit.

With that said there are apparently 5 fruit cards, 2 star cards and 3 skull cards in every round. So once you flip over almost all of the cards, you can more or less deduce which cards are likely to be skull. Still, I find I don’t often make it that far.

Speaking of AI, they’re super aggressive even early on. If you turn over two cards in a row, they Psycard Gameplay 1immediately start flipping cards around you, most likely taking whatever fruits or stars you were looking for. That means you have to test your luck and randomly pick an unflipped card. More often than not I’ve run into a skull card and lost. It’s frustrating. I don’t even feel a sense of accomplishment when the AI messes up or even when I am able to actually uncover all three fruits. It all just feels so luck-based that it’s just not fun.

The developers mitigated the luck factor somewhat by giving each of the playable characters a different 1 star and 3 star ability, but when compared to the AI, they seem woefully inadequate. For example, one girl can find all fruits in a horizontal row while another can find all the stars. The guy I played with was able to find one safe card in on the edge for his one star ability and all safe cards across the perimeter for his three star, but more often than not this ability really didn’t help. Sure, it let me survive another round, but it didn’t give me the ability to see what cards were under the cards like my opponents. Full disclosure: I only tried one playable character so maybe the others have better abilities.

The fact that the artwork for the characters is pretty unique just makes me even more frustrated because I really want to like the game. It’s obvious the developers put effort into Psycard, but the gameplay just isn’t fun. I wanted a real Minesweeper experience where I could actually use strategy and logic to deduce where to move and how to trap my opponent into flipping the skull card. Instead, I get an incomplete and disappointing experience.

Don’t get this.


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