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    The Nardio Visual Novel Review



    IS It Comes Around WORTH YOUR TIME?

    HA HA HA HA no… Omg no.

    no no no no no





    This was so stupid. 

    Sakamoto is salty

    It comes around reads like an angsty story by a tween writer who is trying way to hard to tell a rushed poorly paced story. it comes around was supposed to be a horror story but it’s not scary at all. It’s not creepy, gory, or even morbidly interesting. It’s stupid and it’s not worth your money or time. 

    The writing is just bad.

    It comes around is just bad. The story is bad. The grammar is bad. The art is bad. The price for what I got is bad… There is nothing, nothing at all redeeming about this experience. No bonus art section. No backstory to the visual novel or its team.  Just a rush job of a bad visual novel thrown on Steam for a quick buck. What was Afterthought studios thinking publishing this mess?



    It comes around is a is a kinetic experience. So there are no choices to be made. Just sit tight, and mouse click your way through this really, really bad story. Maybe, maybe this could have been good if the writer had bothered to pace things, but it didn’t happen. It comes around just introduces the characters in a rushed unnatural way and then starts the “action” then the exposition gets forced in and then more rushed stuff. The visual novel ends up feeling rushed and lazy because of it. Hell the story tells you everything that is going to happen in the beginning… So there is no tension when you realize that. 

    Experiencing it comes around was like watching a really, really bad b movie horror flick that you only stick with because you just want to be done with it. Several times while experiencing this visual novel I honestly thought about just stopping because it was so dumb. I stuck with it only for the sake of this review. I wasted $2.99 and 59 minutes of my life thanks to this bad visual novel. I guess the best thing I can do to make up for it is write a scathing review.

    When I said 59 minutes that means the total time it took me to finish It comes around. That also includes time stopping to facepalm and groan and other breaks that had me wondering how the story could have been written better. It’s not just the writing thats a pro

    tl;dr: Avoid this visual novel. It’s a waste of time and money.








    OK lets rant a little bit shall we…

    A ghost that texts…  why?

    The majority of the story is told through texting… why?

    Why? Why?

    Why write the story with a cast of almost all unlikable characters then rush and start killing them off? Was I supposed to care? Was I?

    So Masahiro just lets his friend die after seeing her dying from ingesting formaldehyde. He doesn’t even try and help her or call out for help… The teacher doesn’t want to come over and actually check to make sure that she is dead. He just takes a students murder as fact from another student via text then never investigates.

    Maybe he thought it was too late, but geeze. Lets totally gloss over how the hell she ingested it in the first place. Even though the story tells, beats us over the head with the fact that she would never do that. /facepalm

    So was the teacher taken down by a teenage girl or the devil? Because that shit made no sense.

    Did we really need two walls of text ripping us out of the story to explain why the school had a prayer room. No we didn’t.

    So randomly a girl who is secretly bisexual is also psyco because of this and willing kill and die to be with the girl she loved who is already dead. Lets not forget even make out with a dead body of a person who died of poison…Even though she showed now signs at all of being unstable… She also happened to be a decent fighter… /groan

    So the devil who was kinda incorporeal before and didn’t take damage from being wacked with a broom stick is all of a sudden able to take kicks and punches from a high school girl…. Then be scared of an explosion…. So the devil runs away… and then the secret psyco killer girl somehow got hurt in the blast… even though she and the devil were two different beings?


    This was just so forced and stupid.

    So the preachers son was an asshole as well? Even though he didn’t come across that way at all throughout the whole story… Why?

    So the police….the fucking police ignore a 911 call because some girl told them it was a lie. Then randomly block the teachers phone from being able to call them back…. What the fuck? Fuck you story. Fuck you writer. Fuck that.

    Wait wait… And none of the other students thought to call the cops…



    Spoilers END




    Final Thoughts:

    I’m pretty sure this is going to be the worst visual novel I’ve read/endured of the year. It can’t get worse than this…. It just can’t




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