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PC only right now.


MAGICAL×SPIRAL is a mediocre platformer rushed onto Steam seemingly without quality control. It’s got tons of potential, but it’s lack of content and insane price for what you are paying for make this a no go.

I really wanted to love this game.

Ugh. I hate starting so many reviews with that line, but dammit it’s true.

It feels like there was no quality control for MAGICAL×SPIRAL at all. I mean at all, at all. I feel bad for Sekai Project for publishing this horrible Game Desk mess. Seriously Game Desk, you should be ashamed of yourselves for this. Everything is just bad here.

MAGICAL×SPIRAL is a 2D side-scrolling platformer that has you traversing to through a magical castle. It has purchasable and upgradable powers. You can also power up your base stats as well. Sounds right up my alley!

Well no.

Sady the game developer Game Desk phoned this is to a heartbreaking degree. The levels are dull and lacking. Thanks to what at first seems like a novel design choice soon becomes a painfully frustrating and lacking design decision. MAGICAL×SPIRAL has you traversing through the castle that whose background constantly rotates as you climb it. Think of Mr. Crab but worse. Much, much worse.Here the background is always moving to a very disorienting and at times painful degree. It’s like the developer just discovered parallax background scrolling and went nuts with it. This wouldn’t have been so bad if the effect were toned down a bit, but it’s not. It’s way too high. Almost to the point of giving me headaches. The castles design is just stupid. The platforming elements go unbelievably easy for %99 percent of the game to painfully frustrating, broken and cheap. The levels don’t flow right, and the world just looks ugly. This looks like a Playstation One game.

Sadly there is even more wrong here. The enemy variety is unbelievably pitiful. Worse the AI governing the enemies is just broken. For the most part, enemies are just broken. They just stand there and wait for you to kill them 99% of the time or dash towards you and fall down the castle the other 1% of the time. It’s stupid. You almost never need more than the basic attack and the rock shield spell. The rock stupid enemies and the boring level design makes playing through MAGICAL×SPIRAL painfully boring. To make things even worse the levels barely have any enemies. So grinding enemies to make money to survive the many, many cheap parts of the game. Cheap parts like falling rocks that give you no indication of when and where to expect them. Some levels are littered with these. Other times its spikes in the stupidest places meant just to punish the player. Finally, it’s painfully broken and stupid boss AI that just requires you to survive tons of cheap and often times unavoidable attacks. I am sad to say short lived boring and unfulfilling grinding takes up about 90% of MAGICAL×SPIRAL. It’s depressing.

I really wanted to like this game.

The final nail in MAGICAL×SPIRAL’s coffin is it’s run time and inexcusably lazy story. Beating the game the first time took me an hour and a half. I dare say that most of that was grinding and then dying to stupid things. Along the way I was treated to a poorly translated bad story that ended in a way that even managed to lower the bar even more. It was bad. I then find out that some rando character that I fought at the end of the game, randomly, has his own story path. So, hoping that MAGICAL×SPIRAL might have some redemption, I soldered on. Also I really wanted to like this game

Well no. The gameplay felt mostly like copy and pasted level design with a few minor differences. I felt cheated. I got the game for free to review from Sekai Project and yet I still felt cheated. The gameplay, levels and story were all still horribly boring and broken…. But wait!

After beating the even more nonsensical second path, I found out that I now “unlocked” the true paths! So now I “get”to replay the two story paths again to get the true ending.




What the heck?




This is not content. This is not rewarding. This is not fun. This is not worth the asking price on Steam. Hell this isn’t even worth .99 cents. This is phoned in and lazy. There is nothing fun about unlocking the ability to replay two short almost identical games with slightly more difficult enemies.

But I tried anyway.

I mean I really wanted to like this game. This was the first time Sekai Project allowed me to review one of their games and hell maybe, just maybe the true path would be more interesting.

It wasn’t.

The true paths were just identical copies of the original paths but the enemies were slightly tougher. Yet considering how much of my life I wasted grinding the first time and then seeing how I already just beat the game two times already, it was cake. The only challenge was the frustrating lightning boss that is insanely cheap and broken. Even he wasn’t a threat.

I gave up. Near the end of the first, true path I just got bored an accepted that MAGICAL×SPIRAL is a bad game. I really wanted to like this game, but I think I spent more time trying to like it than the developer did trying to make it.

There is nothing here worth your time.

Even if this were a free game I’d say the same thing. At it’s insane $14.99 asking price I think the developer is insane. Two basic enemies with brain dead design. Forgettable enemies at that. Horribly designed bosses. Lazy, lazy, lazy bad animations for everything. Ugly graphics. Boring music that is forgettable and kind of annoying. Piss poor story telling with broken translation. Bad controller support. MAGICAL×SPIRAL feels like the developer shipped the early alpha version of the game and called it a day.

There is nothing here worth your money.

MAGICAL×SPIRAL is a bad game. 


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