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Sometimes you just want a match three game.

I was missing my favorite match-3 games – Hero Emblems – pretty hard recently and considered replaying it for funsies. But I was scared of getting sucked back in. Especially since I have new games I need to review.  Yeah, I know, first world game reviewer problems.

Anywho, I knew I needed to scratch that match three itch and decided to mosey on over to Steam to see if I could knock out two birds with one affordable indie game.

Enter, Hell Girls.

Hell Girls is a unique puzzle RPG that prioritizes match3 strategy over speed. Fight monsters with diverse characters that have unique fighting skills based on their personalities. With anime inspired artwork, each character has loads of cute and sexy outfits. Hell Girls blends addictive gameplay with immersive roleplaying and story.


Three mysterious families are blessed by gods and they give birth to a girl with super power of fire, ice and thunder every century.
Their super power is unknown to others, but they will be called by gods to go to another world and wipe out hell monsters damaging the world after they grow up.
Therefore, they are also called hell girls.

Features of the game:

It integrates gal game, gem drops and RPG.
Each character has lots of cute and sexy clothes.
Each character owns her unique and various fighting skills.
The result of fighting depends on removing skills rather than speed.

Let’s get the bad of Hell Girls out of the way first.

The translations are laughably bad. The unlockable outfits are all basically worthless. Every one of them offers an interesting power up, but comes with serious downsides. I unlocked all the outfits but never switched off the basic one because the negatives far outweighed the positives.

The story is horrible and has no coherence or conclusion. The game randomly crashes at times. Luckily, you don’t lose your data.

The characters each have unique powers, but they aren’t balanced. I played through most of the game with Fire Girl and found it challenging until the final few levels. Then I hit a wall. I decidet to move onto Lightning Girl or as I call her my Waifu for lifefu and bam, DOMINATION. Waifu is amazing. She clears the levels and obstacles like a boss.

Sorry Fire Girl

Fire Girl’s special attack was a localized bomb useful for taking out obstacles and items in specific areas. She also has increased attack with sword gems. Lighting Girl’s special attacks random obstacles and items. Rather than physical brawn she’s more powerful when it comes to magic attack. Now attacking random obstacles and items might seem lame, but it’s not. Very quickly you nuke everything on stage. It’s amazing and helps with super cheap bosses and enemies down the line who throw debuffs out like candy.

I now look back on Fire Girl like a bad previous relationship that I needlessly spent too much time with. I didn’t try Ice Girl because she just screamed Tsundere and, well, no. Also, her powers seemed kinda lame.

Other Negatives

I have to point out the laughably out of place breast physics. Yeah, kinda pervy. To make matters worse there is one area in game that skeeved me out thanks to a back and forth exchange between Fire Girl and some random enemy. It made zero sense, it interrupts the gameplay, it lasts way to long and it’s unavoidable unless you play with another character.

The two currencies are pretty annoying. Gold isn’t hard to get, but the spells you can buy for your character are extremely limited. I wish I could buy more outfits or something with all of the gold. The green soul currency is what you use for character upgrading, and it is horribly difficult to earn.

Ultra One Hit Combo Of The Gods!

Like other match three games, Hell Girls can suffer from bad randomized levels that will leave you screwed at the get go or later in game. At one point my partner was playing the game and was stuck in an area for about a half hour. I took over, and I had a one hit kill mega chain of the gods as my very first move of the match. It was kinda hilarious. I then proceeded to wreck the level and dropped the mouse when I was done. My partner was not amused.


So is Hell Girls worth it?


Hell Girls has “it”. It’s fun, it’s fast, but it gives you time to think. There is no countdown timer so you get to sit back and over-analyze every move. This makes Hell Girls great/horrible for back seat or couple gaming. You can always point out what moves the person playing should make instead of the stupid, stupid move they are going to make. Of course, that means they can do it to you on your turn.

I love the ability to upgrade my characters through grinding. As mentioned, the system isn’t perfect. You can only upgrade one character at a time, and upgrading is expensive. So while you can technically play all three characters, the grind gate makes it pretty impossible. I just ended up leveling my favorite girl. That said there really is a good feeling of progression here.

The game map is fairly large with a lot of levels to play and replay. There are also a good variety of enemies and debuffs. Strategy really does come into play here a lot and I love it.

It’s enjoyable enough that I put well over ten hours into Hell Girls and don’t regret it. Sure, the ending was non existent and there was zero story. The gameplay kept me interested and invested. Heck, I was hooked. Hell Girls is a wonderful weekend game. If you can put it down that is. Best of all Hell Girls costs a measly $1.99 on Steam! Even better, the developer is offering refunds to players who don’t like the game.

Unconditional refund policy

The developer is also very welcoming of feedback and still believes the game is evolving. Yeah, that sounds like Steam Early Access, but the game is good enough that I don’t mind.

What I’d like to see

Now to sound a little greedy. Sure I spent over 10 hours playing Hell Girls, but I really hope the developer adds some more areas along with an endless mode. I really did enjoy the game. A few more modes would be nice, but hey, again, it was only $1.99.

If you are looking for a fun match 3 game to spend a weekend with and have a good time, I wholeheartedly recommend this game.




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  • $1.99
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards
  • Steam Cloud
  • Developer/Publisher SakuraGame




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