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While there is a lot wrong with this visual novel, oddly the end credits is the worst part.
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It’s not worth your money or time. 

One Last Chance was a bad visual novel. It started off feeling a bit nonsensical, then boring, and dragged on for a bit. After a while it started to get interesting, then it randomly ended. I know I am making this sound like a long visual novel, but it’s just that the story draaaaaaaaaags.

I got a bad ending, though, I can’t understand how considering the choices I made and what was given to me. I tried for a second ending by using a save file before the final choice and well, I didn’t wanna bother/endure anymore. I’ll explain why in a bit. All in all It was about 30 minutes for the two badly done endings and didn’t want to go back and try for more. 

The first ending itself was laughably bad and made no real sense. Unfortunately, so did a lot of the dialogue in the rest of the visual novel. It felt like large chunks of One Last Chance were cut out randomly. I wonder if the developer couldn’t afford the voice actress speaking for to long and cut the script to it’s bare bones. Then kept cutting. Actually, a lot of One Last Chance felt like cut corners. Any who, back to the voice acting… eh…

It didn’t help the voice actors that the script was so bad, but the voice actors didn’t help things out either. I wanted to give the game the benefit of the doubt and experience it the way the developer Last Lotus intended, so I bared with it. But One Last Chance’s writing was so uneven, and the voice acting was so uneven that I really wanted to mute whoever was voice acting Tara’s voice. She sounded genuine some moments and annoying and fake others. But, again so did the script. I really wish the creator didn’t bother with the voice acting at all and spent more time and money on the writing and art.

One Last Chance had a lot of potential, but the rushed story is it’s biggest problem. Right when you start getting into it a bit, it just kinda ends.


Like surprisingly so. Sure this is just a $3.99 game, but for gods sakes, I am still paying for this. And I’ve experienced better games at this price and cheaper.

The final nail in the coffin for One Last Chance is it’s end credits.

Yea, I just wrote that!

It’s nonskippable, annoyingly long and drawn out end credits that gives you the same name excruciatingly slowly over and over again for different titles. Then lumps other people together. All the while playing a song, that is sung horribly, that just gets worse as the credits go on and on and on.


I went back and re-did the last choice and got and even stupider ending than the first. As soon as that crappy singer started up, I closed out of visual novel. It’s just that horribly bad. I did try to give it one last chance from an earlier save, but One Last Chance’s skip system is so horribly clunky and useless that you are just better off skipping manually by clicking fast. Even then it’s kinda weird… for such a short game, skipping the bad writing seems to take forever. A lot of choices don’t even seem to matter. About 3 minutes onto doing this I just said fuck it and gave up. This is not a good visual novel. It’s not as horribly bad as some of the worst ones I’ve endured, but this doesn’t deserve your time and money at all. Honestly, even if One Last Chance were free I’d say avoid it. There is nothing redeeming here. The backgrounds are low quality and boring. The character art is painfully lacking to the point it distracts from the story and the music in game is generic, boring and often time doesn’t really fit.


Avoid this like the plague. 


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  • I’m not promoting this mess.



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