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    IS Vice Captain WORTH YOUR TIME?

    Ehh not really.




    PC only.



    Bad hit detection along with a weird system that has you waiting on balls to play with. 

    Vice Captain puts you in the role of… well the Vice Captain of the soccer team. Right when you are going to go for the winning point…. MONSTERS INVADE!

    It’s up to you and your soccer skills to take down the alien menace and win the game!

    This is normally where I start raving about the current Hap Inc game I am playing and beg you to go support it. Sadly Vice Captain just ins’t very  good. For the most part it’s just not that fun in comparison to other Hap Inc games. The concept is brilliant as always, yet, unfortunately, the controls can become randomly unresponsive, hit detection with the enemies is broken and finally there is some weird system in place where you need to wait for more ammo. It’s sort of like a stamina system but dumber.

    I think the ball/stamina system was to help keep players from blowing through the game, unfortunately it just makes the experience more frustrating than fun. I’ve tried this on my new Moto G4 and the game was almost unplayable. The controls there were almost totally broken. My iPad on the other hand was more responsive yet the other problems remained.


    Sorry to say, but avoid this.  

    I normally love Hap Inc games, but there are bound to be some misses here and there. Check out these other amazing Hap Inc games:

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