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    First off if you haven’t yet, go read our spoiler free reviews of chapter one chapter two and chapter 3 then decide if this is for you.

    Chapter 10 of Goblin Slayer is another break issue. No real action happens, but there is some nice world and character building. We also get teased with an interesting reveal…

    I loved it. A lot of manga either go to darned fast and you as the reader end up not really feeling invested in any of the characters or drama. Others take breaks that last seemingly forever. So far Goblin Slayer is riding that fine like to roaring action and smooth lull perfectly. Being able to experience a bit more of Goblin Slayer’s little town and get teased with some of the bigger world problems once again makes me happy.

    Will our hero be dragged into more non-goblin adventures? Will he drag more heroes into goblin slaying? There are a lot of possibilities for this series and all of them have me very excited.

    As per always, the art is wonderful. I loved this chapter and am definitely getting the next.

    I do have one problem with this chapter of Goblin Slayer.

    For some strange reason landscape, two-page viewing is disabled. So getting that nice book experience, or trying to get two page spreads for screen shots was impossible. I really, really hope this gets fixed and isn’t an ongoing issue. The image below is what happens when my iPad is in landscape mode. Instead of having two panels side by side, there is now only one in the center.








    Ugh.. I wanna see his face!

    I don’t know why but when I read Goblin Slayer speaking, I read it while imagining the guy who plays Master Chief in Halos voice. Having Goblin Slayers face teased so much also reminded me of Halo. If this ever becomes an anime I want the Halo voice actor to be the one who does our hero’s voice.

    I loved how everyone in Goblin Slayer’s little circle of friends wanted him to take some more time off and rest. When the quest giver denied him any more quests I have to admit I laughed out loud. It made total sense. He pushes himself way too hard. Heck, most manga and comic heroes do. A forced time out is just what was needed.

    I love that the first thing he does after getting dressed is to put on his armor. It calls back to the last time we saw him at breakfast, and he was in full armor. It’s also kinda funny that our hero was unrecognizable to people he interacts with everyday without the armor. This really is his life. It’s a sad life. I love how the book doesn’t forget to hammer that point home.

    The issue was pretty great for a relaxing break from it all, but the ominous ending really has me a bit worried. Are the goblins mounting a full on counter attack against our hero at his home? Will he lose his childhood friend? Just what would happen if he lost her? She seems to be his one last linchpin of hope and humanity. Will his new found party members come to his rescue? Could this be what drives our Goblin Slayer to head out and take on the bigger and badder threats?

    Ugh… Now I need to wait another month to find out.



    Agree? Disagree? Write your comments below.

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