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    Now in their third year, Flame Con is the largest queer-focused pop-culture expo in New York. We were lucky enough to get press credentials this year and check it out. It was hosted at the New York Marriott out in Brooklyn and featured a wide variety of artists, vendors, games and, of course, cosplayers. As it was our first year, we mainly just wanted to have a gander to see what it was all about so we didn’t end up doing any interviews. However, we did see some pretty awesome cosplayers at the event as you can see below.

    Flame Con Yellow Ranger

    Variant of the Yellow Ranger Instagram maikeru_makkara

    Flame Con Carmen Sandiego

    I found Carmen Sandiego!

    I Dream of Jackie. You can watch the show on 42nd and 9th!

    Rita Repulsa ladies and gentlemen

    Flame Con Rita Repulsa

    No Rita – Don’t make the henchmen bigger – it only makes them a bigger target!

    Flame Con Knight Queen

    The Knight Queen Elsa

    Flame Con Jafar

    The Jafar to my Jasmine…wait @tjfix

    Flame Con Scarlet Witch

    Beautiful Scarlet Witch cosplay. I love that headdress @gillianconahan

    Probably one of my favorite cosplay I saw that day was a woman who came as Inspector Gadget. I had never seen someone actually in the outfit before. I totally geeked out.

    Awesome cosplay via Ayla Jade @orange_brain_damage

    Profile Inspector Gadget

    Flame Con Gadget

    I am so in LOVE with that jacket and belt combo

    There were honestly quite a few awesome cosplayers I wish I had a chance to chat with, but they were either busy waiting in line or bombarded with other people asking for their photos. Still, there were plenty of people just chilling in the hallways and in character. Like this Sesshomaru.

    Flame Con Sesshomaru

    Fellow Jasmine who also has a love of Sesshomaru @blueberry.tea87

    Flame Con HIM

    Who could resist taking a picture of HIM with power puff plushies @x_y_z_7_8_9

    Flame Con Kanna

    Kanna – adorable as ever @kabukiroad

    Flame Con catwoman

    No con is complete without a badass Catwoman

    Just as I was about to call it a day, I noticed that there was an Acapella group singing. I’m a sucker for acapella so I stuck around to see what this Choirfy was all about, and man I’m glad I did! They sang a lot of familiar tunes like Duck Tales and Carmen Sandiego.

    Flame Con choirfy

    Choirfy – dropping some sweet acapella beats

    While our time at Flame Con was short, we really enjoyed checking out a new community and hope to come again next year. A huge thank you to Flame Con/Geeks OUT for having us as press.

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