Author: Bernardo Español

Dashy Crashy Review

I really, really enjoy Dashy Crashy. Despite the problems I have with the game I still find myself playing it a lot (hopelessly addicted) and I’ve made a few in app purchases to thank and support the developer. I think this is a great game and I honestly recommend that you all give it a try.

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Into the Dim Review

Into the Dim is another seemingly designed to be horrible to play unless you pay or watch lots of ads game. It’s frustrating and I hate it. I hated the time I spent with it and I want my life back that I wasted on this game. Into the Dim was supposed to be a roguelike game. It’s not. It’s a bad game seemingly designed to make you fail often so you watch lots of ads or get really desperate and spend money. Don’t get this.

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Pop The Lock Review

Pop the lock is another in a long line of time wasting games that are great when you just want something quick and simple. At first I didn’t care for it. Then I kept playing. And playing. I think I’m near fifty popped locks now. That’s a good thing.

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