Author: Bernardo Español

Kickstarter: Soul Saga

While looking for new talent to support on Kickstarter I came across a gem: Soul Saga. Soul Saga is a love letter to the JRPG genre and all the fans who love it. Soul Saga and the story behind it moved me so much that I just couldn’t wait to play it. So I put my money up and supported Soul Saga. I honestly and firmly believe all of you should as well. Created by Mike Gale, Soul Saga is the culmination of his life’s dream. Seriously, go here and read the story behind it. I dare you not to be moved and in awe of his determination and hard work.

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Level Bit Interview

A little while ago I was lucky enough to stumble across Jane Wilde in the app store. After playing for just a few minutes I was addicted. Check out my review to read about how much I loved playing the game. Level Bit raised the bar on what a fun game should be. The fact that that the game is Freemium is just amazing. After some emails back and forth with Milos the Managing Director, and then spending some time beating the newly added hard mode I found myself even more impressed. I have to say I really respect this team.

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Kickstarter: Combat Cats

While looking for new talent to support on Kickstarter I came across an interesting game that takes a lot of good ideas and hopefully makes them work. One game that caught my eye was Combat Cats: Bejeweled style gameplay mixed with flying cats, boss fights, upgrades, and best of all quirky unlockable vehicles. If Combat Cats makes enough money there will even be multiplayer! So that’s why we are here today.

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Calculator Quest Review

The Nardio Review Is it worth your time? YES   What should I play it on? Calculator Quest is an iPhone/touch device app for iOS 4.3 or later. It can still be used/played on the iPad if you want. I use this as my main calculator on my iPhone.   What did you think without spoiling it? Calculator Quest is a calculator app and game.  As a calculator it performs all of the functions of a calculator you would expect. If you are feeling a little bored you can also play the mini games . Both modes are randomized and...

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Cute of the Day: Maine Coon Kittens

Nardio Cat invasion I’m hijacking cute of the day from Jasmine today! I’ve just recently come over to the cat side.  As such I discovered I have a thing for Maine Coons.  Something about them is just awesome.  As Jasmine slowly teaches me the ways of the crazy cat person I find myself watching more and more cat videos. I swear at first she had to force me. Diva and Brandy here are just too ridiculously cute for me to really deal with. I don’t know if I could handle owning the two of them, but I’m sure Jasmine...

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