Author: Bernardo Español

Golden House Review

The Nardio Review   Is Golden House worth your time? Yes.   What should I play Golden House on? I really recommend a tablet or large phone. You are going to want to see what is kicking your buttt over and over again.   What do we think without spoiling it? Do you like hard platformers? Did you ever play League of Evil and love it? Do you love a challenge? If you answered yes, then Golden House is for you. Best of all, Golden House is FREE! There is also a paid version of the game without ads. The...

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Zie Invades Earth Review

The Nardio Review   Is Zie Invades Earth Worth Your Time? YES!   What Should I Play Zie Invades Earth On? Zie Invades Earth is a universal app for iOS 5.1.1 or later and Android. You get the same great experience on all devices.  As always I prefer playing on the iPad.   What Did We Think Without Spoiling It? Sometimes you just want a simple game that you can pick up and enjoy for about a minute or so. Zie Invades Earth is a perfect short burst game that is enjoyable enough you can find yourself playing for ten to...

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Stellar Smooch Review

Stellar Smooch is a simple and fun game every iOS gamer should try. It’s a simple game concept that just requires you to get two objects to come together and smooch. It’s incredibly simple, with makes it a great gateway app to get new people into touch screen devices and gaming.

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Pinna Review

The Nardio Review   Is Pinna worth your time? No Warning: There is a small bit of sarcasm and snark here by the way.  I normally try not to be the snarky reviewer, but wow…     What should I play Pinna on? Avoid this mess at all costs. Don’t download this at all.   What did we think without spoiling it? Pinna is a disappointing and broken game that undermines what it means to be featured on the iOS Appstore. Pinna, sadly, is very much a broken game, so attempting to play it is really a practice in...

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Swap Heroes Review

The Nardio Review   Swap Heroes Main 1 Swap Heroes tutorial 1 Swap Heroes Main 2 Swap Heroes tutorial 2 Swap Heroes Main 3 Swap Heroes tutorial 3   Is Swap Heroes worth your time? No   What should I play Swap Heroes on? Swap Heroes is a universal app for iOS 4.3 or later. Swap Heroes is one of those rare gems that is plays perfectly on any device.   What did we think without spoiling it? Swap Heroes is a disappointing roguelike game that undermines itself with randomness and it’s  inability to save character progression.  You will...

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