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Auto RPG Review

The Nardio Review     Is Auto RPG worth your time? YES!     What should I play Auto RPG on? Auto RPG plays perfectly on any device.   What Did We Think Without Spoiling It? Auto RPG is great RPG/Tapper that you want to get yourself addicted to. Auto RPG Starts off with a very lighthearted and interesting comic-like introduction and then turns into a fun tapping game. What makes Auto RPG stand out from all of the other tapping games is it’s story, RPG elements and surprisingly, it’s campaign that has an ending you can work towards....

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Neighbors with Benefits Review

Nardio Book Review Is Neighbors with Benefits Worth Your Time? Yes. It’s fun to have Neighbors with Benefits in bed with you. (These titles are awesome.)   What Did I Think Without Spoiling It? Neighbors with Benefits is the sequel to Sleeping With The Boss. I’m sure it works on its own, but to really appreciate it you need to read the first book. Also Sleeping with the Boss is just a darned fun read. Neighbors with Benefits is a damn good read and follow up to the original. It’s nowhere near as straight forward as it’s predecessor. In fact, at first seems it...

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Nardio will be Playcrafting!

Nardio News   Hi, I’m Bernardo Español. (Yes that’s my real name.) I don’t know if any of you know this, but I’m a part of the New York City indie game scene.  This Thursday I will be at the Playcrafting’s fall expo event held in the Microsoft office at Times Square. I won’t be showing my game off yet (yes, I am still making a game) or going with my girlfriend to help her show her games off again (her newest game is cool though!). Instead, I will be presenting three indie games from around the world. I have had...

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Soda Dungeon Review

The Nardio Review     Is Soda Dungeon worth your time? YES!     What should I play Soda Dungeon on? Soda Dungeon plays perfectly on any device. As an attempt to try and be a productive adult in this world I’ve had to limit myself to having it only on my iPad. I am sorely tempted to reinstall it on my iPhone. It’s just that much fun. What Did We Think Without Spoiling It? Soda dungeon is the amazing amalgamation of a light dungeon crawling role playing game and an endless tapping game. This may sound very weird and...

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Callys Caves 3 Review

The Nardio Review   Is Callys Caves 3 worth your time? YES!  This is the best 2D action platformer on mobile devices. I totally recommend getting Callys Caves 3 and supporting the devs with in-app purchases.     What should I play Callys Caves 3 on? Callys Caves 3 is one of those rare games that plays and works on pretty much everything.  I’ve beaten the game several times on my iPhone and dozens of times already on my iPad. I think to really appreciate the game you need a tablet device though.  You can also do Android if that’s...

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