Author: Bernardo Español

Trouble With Robots Review

Trouble With Robots is a fun strategy game with the randomness of deck building game paired with a great story and wonderful art. The end result is a game that manages to keep a smile on your face from start to finish. For the most part.

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Should you buy The Counting Kingdom for your kids?

The Counting Kingdom is a math game blended perfectly with a tower defense game. Designed to challenge and entertain kids with simple math problems. To make the game more accessible and/or challenging there are adjustable difficulty settings for every stage. The adjustable difficulty along with lots of levels to go through make this a worthwhile investment for your child’s education and entertainment.

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Should you adopt from Animal Care Centers of NYC?

You will save a life. Most animals that are at ACC NYC are there as a last resort. ACC NYC does everything it can to place every single animal that can be placed in a happy home, but the honest truth is there are just too many new animals coming in everyday. Just like New York City can’t handle having too many people, Animal Care Centers sometimes has to make the hard choices and put some animals down. Adopting a forever friend here really can be a matter of life and death.

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ZAGA Review

ZAGA by Simple Machine has you tapping the screen to move two dots. Both dots move at the same time but in the opposite direction forward. The point is to go as far as possible while collecting currency.

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