Author: Bernardo Español

Icy Tower 2 Review

The Nardio Review   Is it worth your time? No. What should I play it on? Avoid Icy Tower 2. I played it on my iPad and the controls weren’t good enough to keep playing it.  If you are lucky enough to get past floor 200 it crashes sometimes…. Hopefully an update can help this, but as of right now I can’t recommend it at all.   What did you think without spoiling it? It’s free, but still not worth it. The controls just don’t work right. It is a jumping game that goes from cute to frustrating to...

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The Walking Dead Compendium 1

The Nardio Review   Is It Worth Your Time? Yes.  Oh god, yes.  If you are a fan of great story telling, consistent great comic art and a realistic take on what would happen if Zombies ever ravaged our world this is it.   What Did you Think Without Spoiling It? Buy this. This has got to be the best use of Zombies ever.  In any medium. The walking dead is an experience that must be had by anyone into anything remotely Zombie.  If you’re an adult that got bored of the commercial comics you need to read The...

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