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What should I play Flewn on?

Don’t play this.


How Flewn plays and why it fails:


Flewn fly gameplay

Flewn is billed as a game but fails horribly on the game side. When you start the game up, you’re presented with the story or game portion. In the game, you control a frog on a unicycopter by pressing on the screen to propel him forward. There’s a catch, of course, in the form of an energy meter. As Frog pedals, he runs out of energy. He replenishes it by eating some insects on the screen. Therein lies the problem. Once your energy meter gets to orange, your frog no longer flies, making it impossible to gather the insects. Speaking of insects, the hitbox on those things are so small sometimes I swear I’ve flown over the top of them but my energy still doesn’t replenish. This makes the game portion even more frustrating because the controls just are not that accurate. Most of the time I felt like I scooped up insects through sheer luck, not skill.

As you play the game you kind of get a skeleton of the main story. You can kind of follow it through the cut scenes and images but the gameplay and controls are so frustrating I barely cared about the story as I was playing. I just wanted it to be over.

And then the game side just ends. At most it feels like there is about ten minutes of actual gameplay not counting cutscences and repeated cuss inducing fails. If you funded the game in Kickstarter you might have been expecting a second character to be available to play. Sadly he is not. It’s just the broken frog.


Kickstarter problem:

Flewn was originally a Kickstarter that was funded about three years ago. It promised a lot like a second character (a rabbit with wings) more detail on why the world was the way it was and what seemed like some dark creatures. Some of the elements presented and shown off there made it into the “game,” but many, many more did not. By itself Flewn feels like a woefully short experience, but once you see the Kickstarter page and see what it was supposed to be it becomes clear that Flewn is another Kickstarter that overpromised and under-delivered. A lot of the environments in the original Kickstarter video don’t show up in the game. Flewn feels even emptier knowing what was supposed to be.

Interactive Story:


::Sigh:: This is one of the last text passages in story mode and it’s cut off.

There was none. At all. You swiped to move to the next part of the tale. Sure, we changed the orientation of our iPad to read the story and there were some nice animated segments, but that’s not what comes to mind when a developer says interactive. I don’t even find the “game” portion of Flewn to be very interactive because I’m just controlling a frog. There’s nothing else for me to tap on or interact with. The story section, well, that’s not interactive either since I’m literally just swiping. There are hundreds of story book apps that do this. It seems originally the two seperate gameplay modes were supposed to be combined. Unfortunately it seems they never meshed so the developer decided to separate them instead. It’s a shame because I really would have loved a true interactive experience. The artwork is gorgeous, the story intriguing and the music really melds everything together. It’s just not enough to save Flewn, though. If they intended to just focus on the story, the developer really should have just made storybook app and made it longer instead of messing around with the game portion.


Basic Info:

  • $3.99 on iTunes
  • 241 MB
  • Rated 4+


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