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Ji Eum Tutorial

What is Ji Eum?

Ji Eum is a mobile rhythm based game that caters to visually impaired users. While I’m sure there are many apps that have some kind of option for visually impaired people, this is the first game I’ve seen that is made specifically with this group in mind. I think it’s an amazing idea. According to the Kickstarter, the game “combines rhythms and beats by tapping on the screen, players are able to call actions such as run, eat, collect and fight in response to sound effects that are delegated to various friends and foes.” To make navigating the UI more intuitive the development team has opted for swiping and voice overs instead of button presses.

With that said, I think this game would be great for everyone regardless of whether you are visually impaired or not. The story seems intriguing and I like the fact that it covers Korean folktale instead of the standard Greek, Egyptian, Japanese or Chinese stories.

Better yet, they have made the promise that for every 100,000 installs after launch, they will donate $1,000 to non-profits that support visually-impaired people.

Ji Eum has already reached their target goal of $1,000 but we think this is such an amazing idea that we urge everyone to go and donate some more to show your support for this developer and bring awareness to the topic at hand. They have only 7 days left in their campaign so please show your support!




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