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Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl Is Amazing.


Hearthstone christmas


Behold my newest Hearthstone addiction: Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl!

Greatfather Winter will be dropping presents onto the snowy streets of Stormwind. Smash open the presents to get to the surprise inside—a 1-mana card that Discovers a card of your opponent’s class.  You’ll get a gift each time you break open your opponent’s present . . . or you can be a real grinch and bash open a present on your side of the board to Discover a card of your own class!


So far this has been great for me.

Hearthstone Screenshot 12-17-15 12.00.36

My favorite class, the Warlock is amazing at killing minions especially it’s own. I’ve been able to just dominate most of my opponents.

I always enjoy killing a priest in this game.

I always enjoy killing a priest in this game.

So yea. I’m having fun with this. Best of all when you win your first game you get a really festive card back. So hurry up & jump in to play!


Christmas Brawl Gif

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