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Is Dashy Crashy worth your time?





What should I play Dashy Crashy on?

To really appreciate the clean graphics and fun sounds I recommend playing on an iPad with the volume maxed out.


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

Dashy Crashy is a really fun endless runner that you should definitely check out.

Dashy Crashy is a really fun endless racer. The graphics are amazing, the gameplay is fun and the sound design is excellent. Dashy Crashy is an all-round solid choice for a freemium endless game that manages to drive me crazy and yet put a smile on my face every time I start it back up after a rage quit.


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How it Plays and Why it Works:

Dashy Crashy EventsDashy Crashy has classic fun endless racing along with beautiful, beautiful art. I’m totally serious. The attention to detail with Dashy Crashy’s art design is captivating. The sun rises and sets in the background as you play. This, in turn, dramatically affects how the background looks. Better yet, loads of different backgrounds randomly appear every time you play. I’ve found myself crashing several time just because I wanted to admire the eye candy the developers lovingly put into the game. (Also there is no pause button right now?!?!). Dashy Crashy screams style and attention to visual detail. That attention to detail also carries over to the wonderful sound design. Lots of different sound effects along with a fun game song will keep you invested in the experience.

Dashy Crashy’s controls are, for the most part, spot on. They can drag behind a little as you speed up, but that makes sense. Soon enough you will find yourself weaving in and out of tight spots like a pro.

For the most part Dashy Crashy’s gamplay is a lot of fun. There is a huge selection of cars and the game practically gives them away to you.  It’s a Freemium game so there are ads, but they are never intrusive or overbearing. There is a countdown to how many plays you have until the next ad. Thankfully, the developer sets the number pretty high in my opinion at five. I know plenty of other games that spam you nonstop with ads until you either buy out or delete the darn game. With Dashy Crashy any in-app purchase you make buys you out of the ads forever.

I just love this game. It can get frustrating at times, but since I downloaded it this past Tuesday I’ve been obsessed with it. Best of all the developer has been great on Twitter responding to users and discussing possible updates to add missing features and explain design choices. Knowing the developer cares and is responsive always makes me even more invested in a game. Dashy Crashy’s developer is doing right and I love it.



No Like?

Dashy Crashy failIn my experience you can only progress with vehicles that take a lot of hits. Be ready for lots of unavoidable damage.

I really wish I could say Dashy Crashy was perfect, but the Crashy part is just too damn unpredictable. Yes. I know it’s in the title.

You will randomly have different situations happen in game that you need to pay attention to. I love these for the most part. They add a fun mix of variety into the game. These mostly are in the form of cars coming up from behind you on a flashing lane. So you get plenty of warning. First things first is to get the out of that lane as fast as possible. The next thing is to pay attention to whatever commotion that car causes as it speeds from the back. As they race past you and through the rest of traffic, they cause accidents you need to avoid. Sometimes this isn’t so bad. Unfortunately other times the offending cars swerve around into every lane causing unavoidable damage and/or run ending crashes. Because of this I found that using any of the fast small cars just equals mostly short runs with cheap deaths. This means a majority of the unlockable/purchasable cars are useless for me. The strategy that works for me is to try and dash as soon as I see the blinking hazard lines and run the heck away from it. Dashy Crashy CarsI found I was able to avoid damage a lot more often than just playing it safe and going slow. Unfortunately there are times when you are surrounded by other cars and you’re just screwed. Then comes the cheap damage.

Later on as I get closer to the A rank 1000 range the accidents you need to avoid happen more often and, at times, too close to one another to avoid. I really hope that gets patched.

I wish the selectable cars had stats so you knew what they offered before you bought them. I would have been very upset had I bought an S class small racer only to discover that it has one-hit-and-done stats. My first purchase happened to be the ice-cream truck. That truck was able to take multiple hits before ending the run. I assumed the higher the rank the more powerful the car. Thankfully I tweeted the developer who told me bigger trucks are more durable than smaller cars. So an S rank racer would be fast, but just as fragile as D rank car. That makes no sense to me. I think the higher ranks should unlock stronger cars to give you that feeling of progression. That makes way more sense than cars having mystery stats you only find through experience and possibly disappointing real money purchases.

This brings me to my next problem: The more you progress in game the more you notice those events that send cars flying in unpredictable and unavoidable ways happen. This makes using anything besides a big slow truck that can take several hits pointless. That sucks because it takes a lot of fun out of being able to pick any car you want and driving to the best of your ability. Again this is why I want higher ranked cars to just be stronger overall. As is, I’ve given up on earning or buying any racers. It’s trucks and tanks for me.



Final Thoughts:

I know I wrote a lot in the no like section, but overall I really, really enjoy Dashy Crashy. Despite the problems I have with the game I still find myself playing it a lot (hopelessly addicted) and I’ve made a few in app purchases to thank and support the developer.  I think this is a great game and I honestly recommend that you all give it a try.




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Basic Info:

  • Free!
  • Ads and in-app purchases
  • 35.1 MB
  • Universal app
  • Lots of replay



Web Links:

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Dashy Crashy Tumblr <–SUPER INFORMATIVE!


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