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What’s this about?

From now until January 21st. Anyone in America is eligible to enter to win a new still wrapped game of Just Cause 3 Day 1 Edition for the Xbox One if they follow the rules below:

  1. Follow Nardio on twitter. @Nardionet
  2. Retweet the promotion
  3. You can only enter once!

Very soon after January 21st 2016 we will go through the entries and contact the winner through Twitter direct messaging. If the winner doesn’t give us a  mailing address in 2 days we will pick another winner. Them’s the breaks.

Learn more about Squareboy vs Bullies and downloading it here.

You can only enter once. If you post multiple times and try to spam us you will get blocked and lose out on the contest. You have to be following @Nardionet twitter at the time of the entry and at the time of when we pick a winner. If you follow us, enter and then unfollow us you lose out.


Why is Nardio doing this?

To help spread word for my friend Rohan’s game: Squareboy vs Bullies!  <—Check it out!

I’ve seen this game go from concept, to Alpha, to Beta, to released. I’m invested and friends with the developer online. I also talk a good game about supporting indie developers. But what does that mean? Well to me it means trying to promote them every chance I can by offering honest feedback and helping out. I just so happened upon a free copy of Just Cause 3 and I don’t own an Xbox One. My first thought was to give it away to someone who would enjoy it. Around the same time my friend Rohan was getting ready to release his game and it hit me. Set up a giveaway content. Unfortunately, real life got in the way and I am starting this a little later than I would have liked.

If this works out and Rohan gets a good amount of downloads for his game and we get a good amount of attention this might be a regular Nardio thing. Maybe every month we would pick an indie game developer we love and try this to help them out.

What does Nardio get out of this?

Much beloved possible Twitter followers to add to our ranks, page views and maybe friends. Also the warm feeling of trying to help a small independent game developer promote his work.

Check out Rohan’s game here! 

Good luck!

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