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Is Trouble With Robots worth your time?




What should I play Trouble With Robots on?

I can’t imagine playing through this on anything smaller than an iPad. There are a lot of units that appear on screen and you will want to be able to make things out. I recommend playing this on tablets only.


 Trouble With Robots Humor

How it Plays and Why it Works:

DifficultyTrouble With Robots is a fun strategy game with the randomness of deck building game paired with a great story and wonderful art. The end result is a game that managed to keep a smile on my face from start to finish. For the most part. Each level has a limit to how many cards you can use to beat it. Each turn randomly gives you a few  cards to use from what you selected. Some levels seem to demand that you  use a certain combination of cards to beat it. Others let you have fun and experiment with crazy card mixes.  To further mix things up, your hand each turn is randomized. This can be fun and/or frustrating as you find yourself totally screwed because of a bad hand. This can be especially painfully when you are almost done with a level and find yourself handed the worst possible combination of cards. I hate to say it, but this happened to me more often than I would have liked. I needed a few rage quits to get through the game.

Trouble With Robots Game playEarlier levels are steamroll easy, but as you progress you will find yourself challenged and often overwhelmed.  This is where the strategy element comes into play. Finding out just what cards you need to overcome the challenges at hand is a rewarding experience once you figure it out.

The absolute highlight of the Trouble With Robots is its story. The writing here starts off almost nonsensical and then just gets better and better. From the sassy robots to the funny boss fights, the writing here is the star of the show. Even when I found myself rage quitting because a slew of bad hands, the smart writing kept drawing me back in.

The art is really great. I love the little details each character has. I really wish there were some more endgame splash screens showing off the great art. The music and sound design are fine, but not as awesome as the art and story sides of the game.

Trouble With Robots Limited ModeChapter one’s gameplay starts very easy. This was nice though for going back and trying different combinations of cards and just getting a feel of the games potential. When I finished the first free chapter I found I cared more about the story than the gameplay. It was just the byproduct of the initial experience. Sure it was entertaining, but it was a bit to easy for me on medium. I am happy to say that after buying and unlocking chapters 2 and 3, the game got progressively more difficult and really challenged me. I loved unlocking new cards. I’m still working on a bunch of them. I feel like that alone is worth ton of replay. Thankfully the developers behind this wonderful game disagree and included additional difficulties and another gameplay mode that is available once you beat the game.

There is also a system in place that gives you stars every time you play a level. Some cards require that you have lots and lots of stars to be unlocked. This gating can seem a bit high, but as often as I find myself coming back to Trouble With Robots I’m sure I’ll get them all eventually.

Is Trouble With Robots worth the $3.99 in-app purchase to get chapters 2 & 3?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Don’t hesitate, just buy them.  There’s lots of content here that will keep you busy for a while.



No Like?

The randomized nature of getting new cards for each wave needs some tweaking. Three heal cards and spell card isn’t going to help you on the final wave. I’ve sadly encountered that more times than I would have liked. I wish there were an option in the pause menu to quickly restart the level after a mistake or really bad hand.

Not a good hand.

Not a good hand.




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Basic Info:

  • First chapter is free the rest are unlockable with in-app purchases
  • 65.5 MB
  • Universal app
  • Lots of replay


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