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What should I play Heroes Paradox on?

I can’t imagine playing through this on anything smaller than an iPad. There are a lot of units that appear on screen and you will want to be able to make things out. I recommend playing this on tablets only.


Quick description:

This review is going to make a lot of references to another game: Battleheart. Heroes Paradox is so astoundingly similar to this game that I cannot help but make comparisons for this review. The best way to describe Heroes Paradox is as a sequel to Battleheart. It looks and plays very similar to the MikaMobile classic we all know and love. It controls almost the same, it looks almost the same and it plays almost the same. You could call it a clone, but I like to think of Heroes Paradox as a spiritual sequel to Battleheart. I’ve been referring to it as Battleheart 2 for the past week whenever I talked about it with friends. The controls aren’t quite as good and the gameplay isn’t quite as perfect, but the end result feels right enough that I found myself addicted.


Gameplay showing off upcoming fast mode feature.

Gameplay showing off upcoming fast mode feature.

How it Plays and Why it Works:



At first glance Heroes Paradox looks like a shameless Battleheart clone. I totally admit I was hoping it was when I bought it. I love Battleheart. The game felt so fresh and ate up so much of my time. I still want an official sequel to the original game. Well that sequel still hasn’t happened, but in the meanwhile there is Heroes Paradox. It’s just similar enough to be considered a spiritual successor. Is it a perfect clone? No. Is it as good as the original Battleheart? Almost. That said the game overall is very entertaining. If you love level grinding, seeing your characters get stronger and gaining new powers over time this is great. If you’re willing to forgive some control issues you’ll find yourself loving this game as much as the MikaMobile original.

Heroes Paradox gameplay gifThe controls for Heroes Paradox are very simple. Tap and hold your units to select them and then drag your finger across the screen to move them. Over time their individual portraits will be outlined with a yellow border. When that happens you can tap on it and activate the characters’ special ability.  To heal the characters you tap on your healer and then drag to whomever you want her to heal. It’s very similar to the original Battleheart.

Unlike Battleheart each character has only one special ability you can control. You can pick which ability will be the active one you control. Once unlocked your characters use another two by themselves seemingly at random. It’s sort of a letdown not being able to use these abilities whenever I want, but I do find myself pleasantly surprised whenever they pull them out at just the right time and keep themselves alive. Thankfully the AI is really good about using these special moves. It really gives the impression that my characters have grown and have gotten really powerful.

Heroes Paradox suffers from some gameplay problems that make early gameplay more difficult than necessary. Control issues really knock this game down a few pegs and sours the initial experience. The controls aren’t as exact as I’d like. If you place your characters in the uppermost part of the screen they tend to become unresponsive. It’s horrible when you move your healer to the top center of the screen and then find you cannot select her again to heal your units. Once you figure out where NOT to place your characters the game gets easier, but the dead zone area is a huge problem that becomes a headache when things get busy. Sometimes your characters randomly just don’t seem to be selectable. It’s maddening and can cause some cheap deaths.  Fixed

Heroes Paradox gameplayAnother huge problem for the game is it’s very, very challenging early on. I found myself replaying levels one and two to level my characters up so I could beat level three. I was shocked that a grind gate was presented so early on in the game. Honestly, I think the initial grind gate hit me too early, but I stuck with it and was rewarded for my efforts. I still think this is a bad idea and will be off putting to more casual players and reviewers.  Fixed

Game play Heroes ParadoxSometimes the healer just stops healing the previously selected character she was healing after moving her. It’s a huge pain. This is another issue that becomes less of a problem when you figure it out and know to watch out for it, but it’s another problem that makes early game life hell. Fixed

With problems like these you would think that I would outright hate Heroes Paradox. Oddly the opposite happened. I found that I just couldn’t give up on the game. It was like I was playing an old imperfect Nintendo game again from my childhood. I learned how to play the game and win despite its problems. This made every victory feel that much better. When I eventually beat the challenges I found myself even more addicted than I was before. Soon enough I found myself enjoying the grinds and savoring the rewards of my characters’ progression first hand. I remember the original Battleheart had some grind gate areas, but it feels like more of an issue here. On the plus side, it is very, very easy to grind out XP. Again, if you hate having to grind you are going to hate this game. If you love that sort of thing, Heroes Paradox will be heaven.

Heroes Paradox gameplay 2Heroes Paradox is a wonderful spiritual successor to Battleheart despite and maybe even because of its issues. I found myself hating, then loving the areas where you must constantly move your characters to manage the onslaught of enemies. I found the boss fights to be challenging and creative. I loved the implementation of the story.  I really, really enjoy the ability to pick and choose what I want to upgrade. I enjoyed learning to deal with the problems of the game. The limitations/problems created new challenges that I needed to be aware of as I played and thus made me more aware. Not being able to just phone in fights because of these issues was great. Knowing what to watch out for and playing against the issues as well as the AI made things all the more entertaining.

Sure you could just write Heroes Paradox off as a clone of a great game, but I think that’s a lazy way to look at the game. I think Heroes Paradox gets enough right with this game that MikaMobile should take note. Overall I found myself loving Heroes Paradox and wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun action RPG. At $2.99 this game is a steal!


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Basic Info:

  • $2.99
  • 71.4 MB
  • Universal app
  • Lots of replay
  • iOS 6.0 or later


Web Links:

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Heroes Paradox Google Play

Heroes Paradox Website



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