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Is Lady Killer Worth Your Time?



What Did I Think Without Spoiling It?

Lady Killer issue 2 coverI stumbled upon this book after looking for something new in the indie comic aisle. For the most part, I’ve given up on new comics for a while besides The Walking Dead. Something about the cover art struck me as brilliant – a woman in a blood splattered Sunday dress and pearls mopping up a kitchen covered in blood. That would be pretty awesome in its own right, but the pleased smile she carries along with her bright eyes instantly reminded me of old drawn and picture ads that used to run. I was instantly curious. I found myself wondering what sort of book was this? What sort of woman was she? Was she a housewife? An assassin? A modern psycho with a throwback wardrobe? Is she even the star of this book? I was honestly excited about it even before cracking the pages. This was interesting. Soon enough, I flipped through the book to see if the art inside matched up with the cover. Thankfully it did. I decided then and there to buy the book.  Throwing caution to the wind I scooped it up and hoped for the best.

First I put Lady Killer in Jasmine’s hands. She read it with a smile and told me she really enjoyed it. With that test down, I grabbed a beer and sat back with it. I loved it due to its smart writing, amazing art and a fast moving story that creates a vibrant and believable world. I was hooked. I reread it and loved it even more. Lady Killer is an amazing addition to my collection that I cannot help but recommend. Violent, smart and a little bit sassy. Lady Killer manages to take us all through a fast paced adventure that leaves us fulfilled but craving more.

Lady Killer 2

Why Lady Killer Works:

2016-01-04Lady Killer’s amazing art perfectly captures the classic iconic women. Her style, her posing, even the way she smiles just screams classic American woman. Be it the all American house wife at work in the kitchen, to the few shots of her as a femme fatal, it seems every single panel in this book was carefully planned with the utmost attention to detail. It’s absolutely fascinating.  Mixed in with the amazing art style is gore and action. Lady Killer is a juxtaposition of art and style that I’ve never dreamed of before. It works brilliantly.

Thankfully there is plenty of substance to back up the fantastic art style. You find yourself following along with Mrs. Josephine Schuller as she handles the adventures of wet work and home life. From hosting fantastic parties to managing solo hits on hard to reach targets, Mrs. Schuller is a do-it-all woman who does it all in style.  The writing is fast and perfect. Sexism is a big part of the book, but it’s handled in a way that makes perfect sense. The story never feels forced or heavy handed. You quickly find yourself endeared to this assassin for hire as she tries her very best to be a perfect wife, mother and professional assassin.  Reading the condescending remarks from her unsuspecting husband to the outright sexual harassment and intimidation she has to deal with in the work place all makes sense for the time period this is set in. The fact that you never really see her complain is also brilliant to me. It’s just how it was back then.  She not only made the best of it, it’s what gave her so much strength. Her husband looking down on her and never looking too deeply inter her activities gives her the freedom to lie to his face. The constant sexism around her allows her to almost never be seen as a threat until it’s too late. No one expects much fight from a woman in this world, even if she is an assassin. Josephine wordlessly owns that and makes it her edge. I love it.
Now back to that amazing art. The fight scenes and the gore are never over done. The nudity, or amount of skin displayed in the book never feels forced, it’s just appropriate. Nothing about Lady Killer is meant to pander to the audience.  It’s just an amazingly tight and well crafted story that is brilliantly presented. Lady Killer is a book that I would have no problems at all passing around to any adult who loves smart drama, noir, spy craft and/or Batman. It’s smart writing, witty and perfect for the reader who wants a story they can get lost in.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

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Basic Info

  • Author: Joëlle Jones & Jamie S. Rich
  • Artist: Joëlle Jones
  • Joëlle Jones Website 
  • Available on Kindle for $9.99
  • Amazon Paperback for 11.92
  • Barnes & Noble Paperback for $11.92
  • Barnes & Noble Nook Book for $10.99
  • Genre: Slice of life
  • 136 pages


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