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Is Lifeline Worth Your Time?



What Should I Play Lifeline on?

Lifeline is available on iOS or Anrdoid. It also connects with the Apple Watch to give you notifications if you choose. Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, the experience is still excellent.


How it Plays and Why it Works?

Lifeline is a well-paced text-based survival game with multiple branching paths. Without any graphics, Lifeline relies heavily on the story and your connection with the main character – Taylor. Your mission is to keep Taylor alive, explore the lifeless moon and hopefully find your way off the rock.

The game is set up as a comm link between you and Taylor. Taylor’s ship has crash-landed and she (or he, the game never tells you the gender) is the only conscious survivor. Most of the game is her reaction to what is happening around her coupled with a dash of dry humor. At specified points in the story, you are given two choices based on the events of the story. Each choice affects the outcome of the story and Taylor’s survival rate. From the beginning, it’s hard to know what the right choice is. I worried every time Taylor went AFK that I did something to kill her. Plus, it doesn’t help sometimes that she’ll say OH MY God and then suddenly become busy. That is to say the waiting mechanic is superb. It really helps increase the tension and makes you wonder what’s happening. If you don’t want to wait, there is the option to speed things up, but I think it kind of takes away from the pace of the story.

Despite never seeing Taylor and only speaking with her in short bursts, I really started to care about her well-being. She was witty, brave despite being in a completely unfamiliar and hostile situation and smart. I was really rooting for her and towards the end I mulled over each choice as if there were a real, shipwrecked astronaut on the other end. The tension really ramped up at the end especially and all of the choices presented to me didn’t seem like the right one. I found my heart racing as the action played out in text format in before my eyes.

This just shows that a great game doesn’t have to have fancy mechanics or top-level graphics. A great story, a likable character and suspense is really all you need to stay hooked. I found myself checking in on Taylor daily to see how she was. Kudos to the author Dave Justus for this amazing story. I already bought the two other games and I can’t wait to see what other adventures befall Taylor. I just hope I can get her out alive.

This is well worth the cost of admission at $0.99. Or you can get the bundle for $4.99. The nice thing is if you buy one game, it takes that amount off from the total cost of the bundle.


No Like?

Nothing. With endless branching paths and possibilities, I think there’s still a good amount of replay value here. Sure, you learn the secret of the planet, but I’m interested to see how different choices will affect the outcome.


Basic Info:



Developer: 3 Minute Games

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