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 Forget me not

Is Forget Me not Worth Your Time?




What Did I Think Without Spoiling It?

I stumbled into this book knowing nothing. I just thought the cover looked nice. After quickly glancing at the excerpt I figured it sounded okay. Then it sat in the corner of my Kindle for a while until I totally forgot what it was about. It worked out for the best. Coming into this book with no idea what to expect made it all a fresh experience that always had me guessing. What was it going to be about? Do these people end up together or will tragedy strike? I found myself invested in this world. I identified with the characters to such a degree it shocked me. Their problems were ones I’ve dealt with. Forget Me not is the very best coming of age story I have ever read. I really, really hope this book becomes part of high school students curriculum soon because this is a new classic.


Why it Works:

This is going to come off as a bit of a rant. I’m kinda blown away at just how great of a read this was. So be ready for a lot of high praise and gushing.  Also Forget Me not is best experienced with no preconceived ideas. So the review below is going to try and avoid spoilers as much as possible.

There is just really, really great writing all around. The character development was solid. The way the characters spoke to each other felt real. The angst and emotions the main characters conveyed felt honest and raw. Forget Me not is not your run-of-the-mill romance or coming-of-age story. No, this was a grand epic brought to life by a great writer – Allison Whitmore. I love how the author added important details to the world to make it feel alive without bogging down the story with too much description. Forget Me not is framed in a world so real it’s almost like the author dragged you back in time to witness these events.

The prologue sets the stage and introduces the characters and all the major plot points in an absolutely perfect way. I understood and identified with the two main characters almost instantly. They were both put in horrible situations and pretty much all control and choice ripped away from them. It was a quick, harsh and perfect setup for what was to come. I have to admit a lot of the issues touched upon in this book were issues I’ve dealt with. Reading these characters dealing with them made it feel all the more real and personal. It felt honest. At least going by the stuff I’ve dealt with in life.

I was worried Forget Me not was going to be another love story set between two kids with different backgrounds and nothing more. That the initial drama in the beginning would be the only real thing besides class the two would have to overcome. Thankfully, the rest of the story blew my expectations and worries away.

Forget Me not is a period piece that screams attention to detail. I don’t know if I should call this historical fiction, but it was very well researched. Set in a difficult time in America, Forget Me not touches on almost every social problem of the time then integrates them into the story almost seamlessly. Nothing ever felt forced. There was no social pandering to the reader. There was no finger waving. It was absolutely fascinating to have these issues pop up as something mentioned in passing in the background, then have them all become major points in the plot. Having all of this history mixed in with the book added to experience in a way I’ve honestly never experienced in a book before. I loved it, I truly loved it.

It was interesting to see some of the characters had somewhat modern ideologies, but were still grounded in the realities of their time and social station. They never felt like characters from today jammed into an age where they didn’t belong. I really liked that. It made sense because those ways of thinking were really starting to take root at that time. It was a time of change, it was a time of questioning. It made perfect sense to have the two main characters be the voices for that in a town that was trying its damnedest to remain the same. I also really enjoyed how the author very, very slowly integrated a bit of mystery into the book. It could have done perfectly well without it, but it worked.

At it’s core, Forget Me not is a love story. It does great job with that. The romance and attraction that happens here felt raw, real and honest. I was having flashbacks reading this and it made me lovey dovey to the point I was annoying my girlfriend with requests for cuddles and hugs.  It’s also a coming of age story. A mystery. And a hard look at a time in America that most of us would rather forget. Allison Whitmore pulled all of this off almost perfectly. I can go on gushing about this all day. Just buy this book.

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No Like:

I was pretty annoyed that Calvin took a job at the end of the book that had him taking so much time away from his family. It just felt totally long after everything that happened. He swore he would never leave Teddi again and then he takes a job that has him leaving her often? When they are loaded? It made no sense and ripped me out of the story.



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