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Is My Love Story Worth Your Time?



What Should I Watch it On?

As far as I know, the only place to legally stream My Love Story is Crunchyroll.


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

My Love Story is a nice twist on the tired high school romance anime. There’s actual progress and the characters are well developed and lovable. Yes, there is some overacting here, but it never feels out of place. This is a sweet show that doesn’t fall into the standard problems of other romances. Sure, it happens, but it’s done in a thoughtful way and resolves itself fairly quickly. Go watch it!

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Why it Works?

If you’re tired of the standard romance anime like me, then My Love Story is a breath of fresh air. For the first time ever, the big, rowdy, awkward guy gets the girl not his cool, attractive friend. Sure, the girls certainly fawn over the cool friend (Sunakawa), but it’s the loud, gorilla-type guy (Takeo Goda) who gets the girlfriend. And the girl – Rinko Yamato ? Well, sure she’s the typical sweet, cute girl who likes to bake, but it’s just such a contrast with Goda that she just comes off as endearing. Where everyone finds Goda unattractive and/or frightening, she falls in love with him at first sight because of his manliness, kindness and strength. It’s funny in the beginning because Goda at first thinks that she has fallen for Sunakawa, not a huge leap since that is what always happened in the past. Luckily it only takes a couple episodes for the misunderstanding to be cleared and this is when the anime shines. They focus on the actual progression of the relationship and the uneasiness of trying to be the best girlfriend/boyfriend and regular friend. I really enjoyed seeing them clumsily navigate their way through their first relationship.
My love story friendshipMost of the conflict here was super cute. What do I get her for her birthday? When is it okay to hold hands? How do I set up a first kiss? And so on. It’s all relatable and mostly believable. Sure, Gouda’s inhuman strength and stamina might be a bit over the line, but the creators poke fun at it when they’re not showing off his heroism. The biggest conflict comes at the end and it’s really well-done. I don’t really want to give away too much, but it again shows a nice depth to both Goda and Rinko.
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There are some supporting characters like Goda’s mom and dad, Sunakawa’s sister, Rinko’s friend, Goda’s friend and a few others. While they might not share as much of the limelight, all of them help to bring the world to life and flesh out the main characters.

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No Like?

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I really hated Hayato Oda. He’s pretty much a stalker. And honestly, he had no reason to be in the story. Sure, sure, he gave Sunakawa’s sister the push she needed to make a decision, but he was just so annoying. And creepy. I also don’t really think the story really needed him. Other than that, I wish there was a Season 2!


Basic Info:

  • 24 episodes
  • Available to stream on Crunchyroll
  • Live action drama available.


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