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Is Tap Tycoon worth your time?

Ehh… Not really



What should I play Tap Tycoon on:

Whatever you do, don’t play Tap Tycoon on a small device. It’s way too easy to waste gems here with misplaced taps. Stick to tablets for this experience.

I don't understand these numbers. I just know it feels like forever between almost useless Tech Cards are given to me.

I don’t understand these numbers. I just know it feels like forever between almost useless Tech Cards are given to me.

How it Plays and Why it Fails:

It’s totally impossible for me to review Tap Tycoon on its own. I feel the only way to review Tap Tycoon is also by comparing it to predecessor.

Tap Tycoon feels like 10 steps backwards from Tap Titans. Sure it works as opposed to Tap Titans which is all but unplayable now. Unfortunately, it’s missing what made the last game so great – progression upgrades. Honestly Tap Tycoons feels like a phone-in tapping game that tries to mimic Adventure Capitalist. It’s progression feels almost the exact same.

In Tap Titans you were able to upgrade your cool down powers for amazing results. Here the cool down abilities feel horribly underpowered. To make matters worse upgrading them makes them only slightly more useful, BUT drastically increases their cool down time. This approach to cool down usefulness makes zero sense and flies in the face of what helped make Tap Titans so great.

Tap Tycoons adds a few new elements to the mix at the cost of play control. In Tap Titans you were able to pick and choose what artifact upgrades you bought. You also choose when and how much to upgrade them. Here in Tap Tycoon you have almost zero control. The first prestige reset feels like it unlocks way too late. Once you do you have almost zero control over your upgrades. If you are on the right prestige count you will be randomly assigned “Tech Cards” that vary in usefulness. You aren’t able to upgrade these cards yourself. You can’t even attain the cards without paying in a coherent way. The game gives you some strange number values that tell you when you will get new cards, but the values make no sense. Anytime I earned one it didn’t feel like any sort of achievement. The Tech Cards themselves run the risk of feeling totally useless. To make matters worse the only other way to get new Tech Cards is to buy them with Crystals.

Crystals bring in a whole new problem. You get them insanely slowly and the game’s interface makes it way too easy to accidentally spend a large amount of them. It takes 500 of them to buy 5 random Tech Cards. The game just won’t let you get one at 100. Of course you can buy Crystals at some absurd prices if you really want them, but unless you spend them right away I wholeheartedly recommend that you don’t because of the next problem with Tap Tycoons – you randomly lose Crystals for no reason!  Yep, Crystals seem to randomly disappear from your account. I have experienced this several times. Just as I am writing this review I know I had over 200 and as I logged back into the game I am somehow down to 96?!?!?!?!


There is plenty more wrong with this game. The biggest problem is that it feels like there is no real progression at all. Sure you make some money faster as you prestige, but you hit the same walls and never really feel like your time is being respected. None of the powerups feel powerful. Tap Tycoon feels like a phoned in letdown that borders on greedy.

Avoid this.


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Basic Info:

  • Free with in-app purchases
  • 63.1 MB
  • Universal app



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