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Blade Ballet is coming along wonderfully! We first discovered it at a Playcrafting event a short while ago and immediately fell in love. I was lucky enough to go visit the team soon afterward and get some great hands on time and loved it even more.  It took a little time to master, but soon enough I found a lot of depth and polish that had me very impressed.
Blade Ballet gif

It’s definitely one of those party games that will become more of an addiction the more you play it. I had a pretty long hands on with it and found myself sad when I had to leave the office and go home without it.
Today Sony and DreamSail Games have announced Blade Ballet is a Playstation 4 exclusive!  (Click here for the official announcement.)

I am super excited for the team and cannot wait to see how amazing the final game turns out. Everyone working on this is super passionate and invested in this being an amazing game.  Fingers crossed!

Check out the official announcement trailer below:

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