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Is School-Live! Worth Your Time?



What Should I Watch it On?

You can legally stream School-Live! on Crunchyroll.


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

The best thing you can do is go into School-Live! not knowing anything. Seriously. Don’t even read the little blurb. Just dive right in bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. You’ll thank me later. Honestly, I feel like I can’t really say much about this series without spoiling it. I’ll just say you should watch it. It’s pretty darn amazing.


Why it Works No Spoilers

I’ll try to give a spoiler-free version here. Below I’ll give away some spoilers so if you want to go in surprised please don’t read the section that says SPOILER ALERT!¬†School-Live! is one of the best anime I’ve watched to date. You really see the strong bond of friendship between all of the girls and you really empathize with them. The art is superb and the voice-acting is really on point. As you go through each episode you find yourself very attached to these girls and the club mascot – Taromarou (a little shiba dog). You really come to understand why each of the girls act the way they do and you can’t help but cheer them on. It’s certainly an emotional rollercoaster and there’s definitely some mood whiplash going on, but it all makes sense in context. The show focuses on the four girls of the School Living Club and their daily adventures. Just watch it!

School Live tease


School Live realI went into the anime not knowing what it was about. Man, the first episode is just a whammy when you discover what’s really going on. Everything suddenly made sense and I rewatched the first episode to notice all of the foreshadowing. It reminds of Madoka in the sense that you’re presented with this seemingly moe, idyllic school life only for it to be torn to shreds later on. The cutesy art style and bright colors adds even more dissonance to their curent bleak situation. It really is jarring and that’s the point. These are normal high schoolers thrust into a horrible situation they need to survive. They saw and had to do unthinkable things, and yet they’re still young girls. The show keeps this dichotomy up and it lives the strongest in the main character Yuki Takeya whose mind is broken because of these events. She’s stuck living in her daydream while the other girls have to deal with the present. While she seems like a burden, ultimately her naivete and joy keeps the girls from falling too far off the deep end and allows them to retain some form of innocence. It’s heartbreaking to watch her live in this fake world, but you can’t really blame her. As the show progresses you learn more about the events and each of the girls (except for Yuri Wakasa – the mother hen of the School Living Club). I found myself incredibly invested in their lives and cheering for them towards the end.

One of the coolest things about this show is the amount of detail in almost everything from the intro to the outro. The intro animation changes for almost every episode, giving away some spoilers here and there if you pay attention the outro does the same. And of course, there’s the subtle clues sprinkled throughout the show that things aren’t quite what they seem. By the end, I didn’t feel like the big reveal was that surprising at all because of all the well-placed hints.

No Like?

I really hope there’s a second season of School-Live!. There’s still so much left unanswered and I want to see if they meet anymore survivors.


Basic Info

  • 12 episodes
  • Stream on crunchyroll


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