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Heartcatchers is an adorable two-player game of deception and secrets. Created by Emma Larkins and produced by Brooklyn Indie Games. We first discovered Heartcatchers when we were showing off a few games at Playcrafting NYC and found ourselves next to the amazing Emma Larkins. Emma has been a huge part of the NYC indie game dev scene and a friend of ours. We gave the game a quick once over and were left impressed.  Jasmine and I are always on the look out for two player games to pass the time so Heartcatchers is right up our alley.

Check out the description below and please be sure to check out the Kickstarter for yourselves here.

Please be sure to also check out Brooklyn Indie Games here.

Heartcatchers is a two-player card game where players take turns “catching” stacks of cards based on the playing field and the hearts they hold in hand, to move them back and forth across the playing field. Players can also play Secrets that affect scoring. Once all the cards have been played, the Secrets are revealed and scores tallied!

This portable, fast-paced game is lightweight and easy to learn (only 20 cards and playable in under 10 minutes) and is a great way to break the ice with new friends.

In Heartcatchers, the hidden information of face-down Secrets adds a delightful level of complexity to the deceptively simple rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Players soon learn that deducing the psychology of their opponents is a must for coming out ahead!

For more information on Heartcatchers check out the official homepage here.

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