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Is Legend of the Moon worth your time?



What should I play Legend of the Moon on?

I recommend iPad only for this game. A lot happens on screen and being able to see everything you need to watch out for is hard enough on the iPad. I don’t think this would work well with the smaller iPhones.


How it Plays and Why it Works:

Legend of the Moon is a dark and interesting Metrodvaina that works great on the iPad.

Legend of the Moon is a surprisingly great platforming adventure that will keep you interested from start to finish.  Lots of upgrades, backtracking and power ups raise Legend of the Moon from a simple platformer to a Metroidvaina treat. The story is surprisingly very dark and it kept me interested to the very end. There are a lot of distracting grammatical errors that ripped me out of it, but overall I found myself invested in the experience. I found myself pleasantly surprised with the ending, but still wonder if there is a second ending. After beating the game you unlock a bonus mode.  But it’s honestly, it’s brutally hard and kicking my butt.  Maybe there is more to it, but so far I have barely scratched the surface of the bonus mode.  I honestly wonder if it’s even beatable.

Legend of the moon plotThe gameplay for Legend of the Moon is almost perfect. The controls are nice and tight and the audio is wonderfully done.  I loved the art style for the most part besides the main character’s avatar.  He seems like a store bought asset that was never fully tweaked to fit the game. The nameless protagonist has a sort of a head roll that happens and just makes him look silly. It always happens and it’s kinda weird.  That said the rest of the bosses and enemies look great. I really enjoyed the leveling system in the game unlocking powers for the character.  The powers you get are for the most part all useful.  That said, I didn’t care for the dash attack though. That seemed somewhat useless. Besides that I really felt like my hero progressed during the adventure and I loved it.  Unfortunately it seems leveling doesn’t matter much after unlocking the final skill. I found myself grinding to level once I beat the game to be able to beat the bonus challenge area and found that my attack stats didn’t go up.  Maybe this is a glitch, but it was a huge let down for me.

Besides leveling abilities you are able to acquire new powers that unlock areas of the game after beating bosses.  Some powers are amazing, but others seem kinda useless.  I really would have loved to see everything have some sort of use, but thinks like the flame attack and the gas attack seem really weak and useless. That said I did enjoy finding and unlocking these new abilities.  I do wish they were able to be leveled more than the five level limit.  I would have loved for these abilities to have  been more useful in the bonus area where you find yourself absolutely swamped.

Legend of the Moon problemsLevel design for Legend of the Moon is for the most part brilliant. Nothing feels too maze-like and back tracking is never tedious. The map system works perfectly so I never felt lost. One problem I did have were there are sections of the game where you are forced to run away from a wall with spikes that chases you. In some sections it’s totally too darned fast.  I couldn’t avoid it and found myself spending/wasting gold to buy full health power ups to just try and survive it.  I’ve found this to be the case in several areas of the game.  It’s really cheap and frustrating. The same can be said for the area before the final boss fight.  I found myself totally swamped by enemies in a timed endurance area.  Sometimes as I went in several enemies at once just unload projectiles at me and I found myself just eating the damage, just hoping to progress. Other times it’s not as rough and I was able to make it through the area relatively unscathed.  But those timed areas before the final boss are insanely tough.  Sometimes I found myself overwhelmed and just hoping for a health drop.  I think luck played a good part in me beating that area to make it to said final boss. Another issue I had with that area was the spell casters who create lightning clouds overhead.  Their attacks are very hard to see and avoid in that area, it just felt cheap and punishing. This also rings very true for the bonus mode of the game.  Trying to fight my way through it feels more punishing and luck based rather than player skill.

IMG_5439While the plot was very interesting, it was also pretty vague.  I can’t tell if this is just bad translation or done intentionally.  I get the feeling that it was intentionally done and Legend of the Moon is just the first part of a series.  I really hope so because from what little I gathered Legend of the Moon has a great story to tell.  Hopefully the developer gets some localization help to make things clearer next time.  The game isn’t very long, but there doesn’t seem to be much fluff here either. That said the experience is well worth the asking price.

I know I pointed out a lot of bad with Legend of the Moon, but I still wholeheartedly recommend it. The gameplay is fun and the progression is rewarding.  I love the world that was created and I really found myself invested in the dark plot.  The boss fights were challenging and while not perfect the levels were fun to explore.  I loved the constantly respawning enemies. I loved finding areas to farm and being able to just spend time mindlessly grinding gold and experience. The plot was dark, and somewhat predictable, but it still managed to surprised me here and there.  I get the feeling Legend of the Moon was supposed to be a much larger game, but that could just be me wishing it was.  If you love player progression and metroidvaina type games Legend of the Moon will be right up your alley.  For .99 cents it’s an absolute steal.  I cannot wait to see what else the developer behind this game will make next.


Buy this.



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Basic Info:

  • .99 cents to remove the ads
  • 52.6 MB
  • Universal app



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