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Say hello to the point of Splash Cars

Say hello to the point of Splash Cars

Is Splash Cars worth your time?



What should I play Splash Cars on:

There are a lot of tight turns and lots to dodge in the map.  I recommend playing this only on larger tablets.


How it Plays and Why it Fails:

This could have been game of the year. My new obsession. Instead I hate it.

This could have been game of the year. My new obsession. Instead I hate it.

Splash Cars is the type of freemium game that makes me sad. This could have been an amazing game but it turns out to be a pay wall filled mess. 

Worse still, it was featured….

Splash Cars has you driving around in a black and white world and leaving a trail of color where every you drive. It’s awesome. Early on. Ugh… I wanted to love Splash Cars. I really, really wanted to love this game. From the initial preview video to the first few levels I found myself really invested in the game. The art is beautiful, the gameplay early on feels really fun and fresh. I absolutely love the concept of Splash Cars. Now I just hope someone comes along and clones it to make a better game. 

Early on in Splash Cars you see the warning signs of pay walls. An energy meter that keeps rewarding you free refills for passing the early levels. Getting free second chances that you stockpile early on. Gold being thrown at you… But you still notice how much gold the new cars cost. And whatever that blueprint currency is.. Just looming.  Sure enough you start not being able to beat the stages in one go.  That’s ok at first because you have those free second chances.  Then you have to start using you large stockpile of gold… Then you realize you are out of energy and you just can’t play the game for a few hours. Then you need to keep using that gold because the next car isn’t unlocked… So you waste all your gold and find yourself cussing at the screen because right before you ran out of gas you were at 84% of the level painted and you need 85 to unlock the next one. Because freemium life.

Did you bring enough back up officer?

Did you bring enough back up officer?

Around this time the police cars who were once an avoidable threat become relentless. Absolutely destroying your car’s ability to move quickly through the levels. It’s maddening trying to complete a level only to have three cop cars come in from off screen at max speed, zoom in between a few buildings and just trash you right as you were making progress. At that point there is almost no reason to continue playing the level.  Your fucked. The level requirements to unlock new levels or cars are so high that any small misstep costs you.  If that doesn’t sound maddening enough then you need to also worry about randomized vehicles in the level who paint over your progress.  Thats another can of worms that ruins the game even more.

I can go more into why Splash Cars fails but I think you get the point.  Splash Cars is seemingly another example of freemium game design run amok. Instead of rescue ads to help players beat tough levels, Splash Cars has levels that are unbeatable in one turn.  Leaving players to watch ads for more gas.  Which is a really sad joke because the gas you get for the time wasted on ads is pathetic and useless. Or having the players spend hard to earn currency.  Of course you can always buy the currency… Wink. Wink. Nudge. Nudge. Cash Grab!

I found myself really wishing there were some sort of in-app purchase I could make to help Splash Cars not suck.  But every available option is just a bad band-aid to broken gameplay seemingly buy design.  It’s a game seemingly designed for whales or masochists.


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Basic Info:

  • Free with an energy system and lots of in app purchases
  • Universal app
  • This makes me sad
  • Like seriously sad. I mean the potential here is enormous.
  • Okay it makes me angry to.  I mean come on.  You had one job dev.  Make a fun game.
  • Not a fun game.


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