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What should I play Faily Brakes on?

Just don’t

How it Plays and Why it Fails:

Faily Brakes GameplayFaily Brakes is another basically broken game seemingly put on the AppStore so people could repeatedly watch ads after failing. It’s a horrible waste of time that should be avoided at all costs. 

The controls are just broken. It’s called Faily Brakes, but the brakes aren’t the problem, its the controls for steering.  You can’t maneuver almost at all.  How this broken halfassed mess of a “game” made it not only on the AppStore, but on the Apple AppStore featured list instead of being rejected outright is beyond me.  The only thing I could think is someone was bribed. Bribed with lots of money and presumably a lifetime supply of Kit Kat bars.  Nothing else can explain how this mess of a game was featured in this day and age.


Avoid this…


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Basic Info:

  • Free with tons of pop up ads to watch after you fail.
  • Deletes fast
  • Proof that there is a mole inside of Apple working to undermine the iOS AppStore.


Web Links:

  • I’m not promoting this mess.

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