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Is Dark Sword worth your time?



What should I play Dark Sword on?

I think it would be better endured on a large screen device.

How it Plays and Why it Fails:

Dark Sword is a side scrolling hack and slash set in a dark world. So dark almost everyone and thing is pitch black. Dark Sword is not a fun game. Or even a half good one. It has a lot of problems with almost no redeeming qualities. 

Okay, where to start?

Who doesn't love stamina systems?

Who doesn’t love stamina systems?

First and foremost the design choice for Dark Sword’s appearance seems like the developer’s ploy to stand out. You play an all black shadow of a character in a dark world fighting all black shadow characters. At first it’s interesting. Then very quickly you find out just how bad the game design choice was. Sure every once in a while their eyes glow, but you can’t see most of what’s happening on screen. When the characters group up it’s impossible to tell who is attacking and who is safe to attack.  This is such a horrible design decision.It should have never been even entertained past the initial testing. Sure it might be super cheap in terms of art assets, but it destroys the gameplay. Then again, I think that might have been intentional. To survive you are pushed to spend hard-to-earn but easy-to-buy game currency for health potions. As time goes on these become a necessity.

Look at the button layout. It's more of a mess than the action.

Look at the button layout. It’s more of a mess than the action.

The controls are just bad. The button placement is totally un-intuitive and spaced too close together.

Combat is made to make you fail.  It’s not really challenging, it’s just punishing and cheap. Enemies are positioned in just the right way to make sure you always take damage. If you roll to avoid a range attack, you are sure to land in melee range of several other enemies. Some groups attack you from all sides at once. Rolling to avoid damage has a totally pitiful range. Let’s also not forget that once the enemies start to group they become a jumbled black mess. This makes identifying attacks impossible. Bosses vary from having avoidable attacks to totally unavoidable. Those fights become endurance matches. Of course you can always buy some health potions.

We can also talk about the horrible way your character attacks. You move through enemies so you’ll often find yourself in the middle of them once you finish the attack.

Dark Sword’s music is boring and repetitive.

The energy system is punishing. It counts against you even when you win. Sadly the gameplay just isn’t fun enough to make me want to come back for more. I only played as long as I did for this review. At no point whatsoever did Dark Sword ever feel fun, engaging or worth my time.

The upgrade system gets tied in later on with special drop currencies. Also getting good new gear is mostly based on luck. Plus you aren’t able to just buy upgrades, its a randomized lottery loot sorta thing. This makes spending real money in-game more of a gamble to get good gear.

Did I mention that Dark Sword is just not fun?

It’s a shame because this could have been a better game. A backwards roll mechanic could have made things feel a bit more fair.  Coloring the enemies would have helped as well. Heck, spacing out enemy waves would have made the game not feel so cheap.  It always sucks when I write a review like this because I know in the back of the developer’s heads, they did want to make a fun game.  Sadly it seems like the push to monetize was stronger than proper gameplay.

Avoid this…


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Basic Info:

  • Energy System to play.
  • Hard to obtain currency is needed to progress.
  • Deletes fast


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