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This could have been fun

This could have been fun

Is Fishing Break! worth your time?




What should I play Fishing Break! on?

Just don’t bother.


How it Plays and Why it Fails:

Fishing Break! makes me very sad. Because of Pocket Mine 1 and 2 I loved Roofdog games. Sadly, Fishing Break! rolls up everything wrong with mobile gaming into one disappointing package. I can’t believe this mess was made by the same developer behind two of my all time favorite games. 

You let me down Roofdog games. You let me down hard. 


I’ll lead into this review/rant/take down by saying first and foremost the gameplay is not fun at all for me. It feels like a punishing cash grab to get players to watch ads and spend real money instead of having fun. I’m still stuck a few levels away from the final lake because I need premium currency to catch the final fish in order to proceed. Yet I don’t have the drive to spend a few days earning that currency because I know the next levels will be more of the boring same. It’s a vicious boring cycle that just feels empty. I only played so long because of this review. I only kept this on my iPad so long because I hoped the developer would come to their senses and calm down on the cash grab aspects of the game that cripple the experience. Sadly Roofdog Games has not.

Fishing Break! is a fishing game where you try to collect all the fish you can in various lakes. It has simple controls – all you do is swipe to cast. To proceed to the next lake you need a certain number of stars, which you earn by accomplishing goals. The goals include:

  • Catching all of the different types of fish in a lake.
  • Catching all of a certain kind or specific grade.
  • Earning a certain amount of money.
  • Catching rare fish. Etc.

The goal of fishing breakTo catch the fish you need to buy bait. You get the base bait with earned in-game currency. This can get you some of the smaller fish or more common fish in each level. Sadly, it’s all but useless in getting the rest of the fish. To make matters worse the bait changes from level to level and gets vastly more expensive as the levels go on. But it isn’t just bait that uses gold. Upgrading your rod and equipment costs gold. The problem is that you have to upgrade in order to handle the stronger fish you encounter later you. Quite quickly you will run out of gold, which means you can’t play. The only way to earn more gold is by closing out of the game and collecting from your ‘aquarium.’ If you watch an ad, you can double the amount you receive. Of course you can pay into a gold doubler for real money. Even that doesn’t guarantee an easier time since everything gets massively more expensive.

I hate seeing this every other time I log in.

I hate seeing this every other time I log in.

Trying to balance earning gold by fishing versus upgrading your gear quickly becomes a boring, monotonous fool’s errand. You can either farm the cheaper smaller fish forever so you can afford much needed upgrades or try to save enough to afford a good amount of regular bait so that you can play the later levels and get the other fish in game. The better fish.

And wouldn’t you know it, the fish you need to beat the levels and move on require different bait. Better bait. Premium bait. Bait you can only get by completing achievements, winning in tournaments and, of course, cold hard cash.  This bait is what you need to succeed in Fishing Break! and also what breaks Fishing Break!.

There are two levels of premium bait. The first is a purple bait that changes with every different lake. This constantly changing bait is the basic life blood of the game. Balancing/risking its use is key to “succeeding” in this game. But there will never ever be enough. It seems Roofdog Games designed Fishing Break! to force you to buy the currency if you wish to progress. It’s not fun or fair.



The second bait is the gold bait. It is far, far more expensive than the purple bait, but thankfully it’s universal. This bait is insanely hard to get for free, but seemingly mandatory for progressing as many of the fish needed to proceed are far too powerful to be caught with anything other than this bait. Or you can spend weeks gold grinding so you can upgrade your rod.

What sucks the most about both kinds of premium bait is that it attracts the common fish like crazy. Be prepared to lose lots of bait because some little useless fish you can get with normal currency snaps it up most of the time.  These little buggers push the fish you want to get out of the way to get the bait first. It’s always infuriating whenever that happens and I can swear the developers most have laughed when they designed.  It feels cheap and punishing. 

Later on you unlock the ability to spend your premium currency to shock fish off your line. Besides feeling like a forced premium currency dump the mechanic is annoyingly broken. Whenever you do use the shock mechanic it also scares away the fish in the area. You can try to re-cast the line to re-attract fish, but usually they want nothing to do with it. More often than not another useless fish grabs the bait again and you almost throw your iPad in frustration because you’ve wasted your premium currency. Again. It’s not fun. Other times, the fish don’t seem to care about the bait at all. Why? Because screw you that’s why.

I mentioned the need to use the gold currency before. Some of the better rated fish you need to clear levels and the random special fish that appear are often many, many times more powerful than the regular fish in the area. So much so that they are all but impossible to catch with your current equipment. But to clear the level you need to catch them.  The gold bait doubles your line strength giving you the ability to catch these fish, or at least try.

To make matters worse, the fish you need on a particular level appear randomly and at different times of the day. So you might spend all your time hoping a fish you need shows up only to be disappointed. There is also no way to scan the area for the fish you need without wasting some kind of bait.

I can go on and on about the ways Fishing Break! seemed designed to take as much money from the player as possible in return for greedy unrewarding gameplay, but I think I said enough.  Games like Fishing Break! make players not want to watch ads. It is what gives freemium games a bad name.  I’ve played Fishing Break! since its soft launch and have been disappointed for a long time. I contacted the developers on Twitter about it, but it seems my concerns fell on deaf ears. I now find myself oddly hoping the game fails so that the developer learns from this over reaching, profit before fun game design.  Then again considering the success of so many other cheap cash grab games this might be the new norm for Roof Dog Games.  I want no part in that norm.

Avoid this…

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Basic Info:

  • Free with tons of premium currency gates
  • Deletes fast
  • Makes us lose faith in Roofdog games. .


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