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Animal Care Centers of New York City are having a lucky event!

Today until March 20th adult cat adoptions are free!

Yes I know they aren’t kittens, but they have passed the wild and annoying stuff you need to deal with from kittens. Also these cats are already house broken and used to being a perfect little forever friend.  These older cats are usually surrenders not because of bad behavior, but because their owners simply can’t keep them anymore.  Moving, death, roommates, allergies, etc.
Cat Bowie Friend

I can totally vouch for getting an older cat. If you don’t believe me, check out the info below and visit one of the care centers for yourself and talk to the helpful staff. Maybe an older cat isn’t for you (?) but there are still kittens, dogs, rabbits and possibly even puppies. For more information about the Animal Care Centers of NYC click here. 

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