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Is MOW: 2-Player Worth Your Time?



What Should I Play it On?

iPad only.


Why it Works and How it Plays:

MOW: 2-Player works best if you have someone nearby you can play against.   

Winner does the dishes!

Winner does the dishes!

MOW: 2-Player is a two player single device game that pits both players against one another in shoot em up space battles! Both players have a good variety of ships to choose from. Each ship moves and attacks differently. It takes a little while to get used to them all, but soon enough you will find yourselves having great space battles.

Every ship has its strengths and weaknesses. To help get players used to the ships there is a single player endurance mode. It’s a great place to train yourself how to best pilot the various ships.  It’s also a pretty darned fun and addictive high score game that is great for single player game breaks. Be sure to watch the game credits to unlock the secret bonus mode of MOW: 2-Player.

I love the single player experience.

I love the single player experience.

I love this game. I believe the iPad needs more two player single device games for head-to-head gaming. I’ve spoken to a lot of couples recently who’ve found date night with board games or multiplayer games are great to do together. A lot of the two player games we find are draw or other luck based games. Those are good every now and again, but I think we need more games based on strategy not just blind luck. MOW: 2-Player is what I’ve been looking for. It matches quick reflexes and skill. Sure, some of the attacks can be a bit cheap at times, but you learn what to expect and how to counter it.

Is MOW: 2-Player

worth $1.99?


There is a lot of depth and replay in this game for the small price tag of $1.99.  We found ourselves coming back to this game for quick play sessions and I found myself trying to beat my high scores. I love that there is even the ability to play as the boss if one character loses enough. I just wish it was a selectable character.

If you are looking for something to play with your partner or friend on the same device and want your games to be more skill than luck, look no further than MOW: 2-Player.



Get this.


Basic Info:

  • $1.99
  • 29.6 MB
  • Made in GameMaker
  • 1 or 2 players, single device.
  • 7+ detailed characters with exclusive equipment sets.
  • Adjustable starting health.
  • In-App Purchases free, Ads free.
  • You can be the boss.




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MOW: 2-Player website

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