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The LGBT Expo 2016 presents:

New York City Condom Availability Program

Jennifer Matsuki

At The LGBT Expo we had the chance to talk with Jennifer Matsuki the Director of the New York City Condom Availability Program. Jennifer was awesome. She was really nice, energetic and enthusiastic to be there and promote what she does.

The New York City Condom Availability Program works to normalize condoms use and discussion as well as giving them away for free. I mean free! They work hard to make sure everyone who want/needs them can get access to them. Here is the website that points you to locations that will provide you with free condoms. I tested it out for fun and there were 10 locations by me that offered free condoms. There is even an app to help you look for nearby free condoms in NYC!

You can get it on iTunes here and on Google Play here.
To learn more about the NYC Condom Finder Mobile app click here.

This is amazing to me. I had too many friends have children way too early because they just didn’t have condom access. If this were around 20 years ago a lot more of my high school friends would have been able to graduate.

Once again a huge thank you to The LGBT Expo for allowing us to cover the event. It was amazing.  To find out more about the LGBT Expo please click the links below.

The LGBT Expo

The LGBT Expo Twitter

The LGBT Expo Instagram

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