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Is Love You to Bits Worth Your Time?



What Should You Play it On?

Love You to Bits is available for the iPhone and iPad. As always I prefer gaming on my iPad. Besides, to fully appreciate the amazing graphics, you’ll want a bigger screen.


How it Plays and Why it Works:

Love you to bits gameplay 2Love You to Bits is by a few of the same people who did Tiny Thief so it’s no surprise that the gameplay is quite similar. It’s a fairly basic point-and-tap puzzle game. You play as Kosmo, a bumbling human who is on a quest to put together his robot girlfriend Nova whose pieces flew around the galaxy after an attack. It sounds simple enough, but the levels get much larger. While the main puzzle isn’t too challenging, it’s trying to find all of the additional ‘memorabilia’ that makes it hard. It’s totally worth it though. Each item unlocks a short video of the everyday moments between Kosmo and Nova. It’s endearing and sweet.

Love you to bits gameplayAnd that pretty much sums up why the game works: it’s cute and sweet. In fact, I think I might have gotten diabetes from it. I love learning more about the relationship and how it unfurled and seeing all of those intimate moments that really make a couple. After seeing all of the cut scenes and videos, I really understand why Kosmo is so desperate to get his girlfriend back. I can’t help but root for him. I want to get him through the levels so he can be that much closer to seeing her again.

All of the levels are perfectly done with each one offering a different mechanic based on the theme of the level. You’ll traverse temples, haunted houses, abandoned mines, bars, science labs and more. There’s so much attention to detail in each world you can’t help but spend the time to appreciate it all. There’s plenty of adult jokes as well that you’ll notice, like Bender in the R.A.M (Robots at Midnight) level. Probably my favorite level though is Back and Forths one. As you might imagine, you travel back and forth in time. As you do though you kind of see the story unfold. When you start, you are in the present time and everything around the house looks decrepit, but when you go back, everything is well kept. If you pay attention you’ll notice what has changed. The elderly alien woman is no longer in the picture. It’s bittersweet and is a reminder that the character, Kosmo, will also face his mortality at some point. My other favorite level is the Quantic Library. There’s a real sense of achievement and awe when you first get to see the entire map after only seeing bits and pieces.


Can I also just say the music is fantastic! It really draws you into the world because it complements them so well. The sound effects were minimal, but offered just the right amount of audio feedback.

Am I gushing? That’s fine, this is an amazing game. I’m just sad it ended and I still haven’t put together Nova. Still, there are still some collectible I haven’t found so I’ll probably spend my time getting those and anxiously awaiting the updates. For the app store $3.99 might seem pricey, but it’s well worth the price of admission. It’s sleek, polished and the developers obviously care a good deal about the product. I have no problem supporting them when they’ve given me a couple hours of quality entertainment.


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