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Is Chameleon Run Worth Your Time?



What Should I Play it On?

Unless you have a very large phone I say stick with tablets. A lot happens on screen and I think you are going to want all the space you can get.


Why it Works and How it Plays:

Chameleon Run gameplayPlatforming heaven and hell.

Chameleon Run is a fascinating and addicting auto running platformer that has you going non-stop from start to finish.  It’s a fast paced challenging game that is equal parts skill, memorization, and reflexes if you want to succeed. Chameleon Run really impressed me with its perfect tutorials. The gameplay is intuitive and perfectly responsive. When more tutorials opened up later on in game they went perfectly with the game.  At no point did I feel overwhelmed because of a lack of clear direction. Now I will admit to feeling overwhelmed at the huge spike in difficulty later on in game, but that’s another story.

The art is simple yet beautifully polished with a very clean look/minimal look. I was worried that the odd perspective would make platforming difficult but Noodlecake Studios nailed it. Some areas can get a bit crazy visually, but Chameleon Run is a sort of a trial-and-error memorization-based platforming game. Once you get used to a level it all makes sense. Chameleon Run’s music is another great point of the game. I found myself humming it several times today after spending a better part of last night and this morning playing through the game. It’s just good.

Chameleon Run tutorialThe real star of Chameleon Run is its amazing platforming. I can’t even fathom how much time these levels must have taken to make. I mean they are marvelous. Level difficulty progression is great. Until the end. Then the game just smacks you in the face.  At that point I found myself so invested I just relished the challenge and took plenty of rage breaks.

It starts off just hard and fast enough to get you hooked. Then later on you are going to be swearing, a lot. Chameleon Run is amazing. If it had a plot this could have been a modern day masterpiece. I mean it’s still mind boggling amazing. Later on the levels get down right punishing. I kinda hate that, but I sort of understand.

One thing I dislike about Chameleon Run is that the star system holds progression up a bit. This forces you to back track and do achievements for the levels. To slow things down even more you can’t get credit for the third achievement until you beat the first two. I really dislike these sorts of gates on progression. It always feels like a forced way to stretch out the game. 16 levels is a bit on the light side for me. I would have appreciated a few filler levels to beef Chameleon Run up a bit.

Let me do these in whatever order I want!

Let me do these in whatever order I want!

That said Chameleon Run has provided me with a good amount of entertainment and I recommend it to platformer lovers and people looking for their next challenge.  Be warned though, later on in the game the levels get down right twitchy and punishing. I honestly don’t want to go back to a few of them.

If you are a fan of challenging platformers and twitch gameplay you must get this. 


Basic Info:

  • $1.99
  • 48.4 MB




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