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Is KONOSUBA Season 1 Worth Your Time?



What Should You Watch it On?

As far as I know you can watch KONOSUBA Season 1 on Crunchyroll.

KONOSUBA character fail

You feel bad for these characters as much as you laugh and root for them.

What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

KONOSUBA is a hilarious anime that pokes fun at a lot of the classic adventure anime tropes. It’s a slow going show where not too much happens at times, but that’s kinda part of the plot and what helps it work.  Our heroes aren’t really heroes, they aren’t even cut out to be a part of the world.  Watching them slowly struggle is half the fun of the show. It’s a sort of self deprecating, honest view of life, dark humor that reminds me of Louie C.K. comedy. This is a very smart show that’s wrapped in a very cliche show.  I absolutely love it.  KONOSUBA is rather short, but what episodes you do get are gold.  Season 2 is confirmed and I for one cannot wait to watch it. If you enjoy fantasy and gag anime KONOSUBA is right up your alley.


Why it Works?

Adorably useless/useful

Adorably useless/useful

KONOSUBA never gets serious.

This is it’s biggest strength and a bit of a peeve of mine.  KONOSUBA creates a huge world with tons of potential.  Instead of really digging into it and fleshing it out KONOSUBA spends most of its time poking fun at it. It works. It works really well, but the nerdy adventure fan in me is desperate to know more about the world.  The bits and pieces you do get are well done and it kept me wanting more.

KONOSUBA’s greatest strength is its insane cast.  The lead characters aren’t really good people and that’s part of what makes them work so damn well.  All of them are self centered to varying degrees.  Watching them screw things up to make themselves happy is part of the fun.  They do good, but only for the rewards they can get from it.  Sure you could say it’s about stopping the mysterious big bad, but how they get there is what makes KONOSUBA great.

Another interesting and kind of silly thing about KONOSUBA is its T&A overload. It’s so over the top I am surprised it made it on TV.  I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be comedic, but it still surprised me in the beginning. Later on I just laughed at the ridiculousness of it all.  Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s meant to cater to guys who get off on this sorta thing. For me it was so over the top I couldn’t help but laugh when the lead goddess’s butt was showing or the waitress’ breasts bounced at an impossible rate. It’s stupid, it’s immature and offensive, but it’s done in such a way that it’s hilarious.

Say hello to the high goddess!

Say hello to the high goddess!

Watching these characters try and fail is just amazing. The craziest part is they could all seemingly be insanely powerful and successful if they weren’t their own worst enemies. I love this show almost too much.  Over time you will see them all work as a team. Try, fail, succeed, fail some more and try to survive.  KONOSUBA is a great show to spend your time with if you can take a joke and don’t take this world too seriously. Check out the KONOSUBA slide show below for more pics and if you don’t mind the show or a bit of spoilers check out the rest of our write up below:




I really loved how screwed up the cast is.  I mean seriously screwed up.

KONOSUBA panty thiefI think KONOSUBA was made not only as a gag anime, but as a middle finger to the traditional pure-hearted anime tropes out there.  Did the lead character enter the world in some respectable way? No he died in the dumbest possible way and was horribly made fun of because of it.  You start off laughing at the protagonist, not because he is funny, but because his situation was straight up pathetic.  Oddly compared to the rest of the cast he is the most relatable.   That says a lot about the crazy world that is KONOSUBA.  As the series went on he sort of gets attached to the rest of the cast, but also seems willing to leave them at the drop of a dime.  He also has no qualms about being an ass or being a sort of bad person when it best suits him.  He is a self centered perverted jerk and I absofuckingloutly love him for it. He is the straight man to the rest of KONOSUBA’s zany cast of characters. All the while he can often be over the top.  See gif above.

KONOSUBA arch prist being awesome

The main goddess is a self centered, ditzy, stuck up bitch who gives zero fucks about anyone but herself. I know that sounds insanely wrong, but it’s totally spot on. It’s hilarious but also annoying.  But I think that’s the point.  This is a character who is her own worst enemy and yet she is a high goddess of this world.  She is supposed to be an authority figure, but fails miserably. She is insanely powerful, but too stupid to realize when and where to pull out her power. Her cocky headstrong attitude is so over the top and broken I find myself shocked by it. I don’t think I’ve ever came across a character like her in anime or manga before. Watching her time and time again only care about herself is great most of the time.  It just shows how nothing is sacred in the world of KONOSUBA not even its gods.

konosuba mageThe magic wielder is almost born right out of World of Warcraft for me. A useless clothy DPS who is only good for one thing and does so with an ineptitude that would leave you baffled during raid nights. OK, I know that might not make sense to most of you, so just think of her as a person who only cares about blowing things up to an insane degree.  She isn’t evil, just sort of single minded to the point of absurdity.  All the while she still manages to be a good character.  Much more endearing than the goddess, but still sort of useless in her own right.  I love how she and the main character develop a good bit of a friendship over time.

KONOSUBA tank perv

Last but not least is the knight/tank character who turns out to be a huge masochist. She has a very, very perverted mind who also doesn’t filter anything she is thinking when she talks.  I love her too much. She has a bit of character development, but she is mostly a reliably and hilarious trope. Her uselessness is sort of epic, but she still manages to help the team out here and there.

KONOSUBA is the sort of show that is great for watching in between darker shows. It’s light hearted enough to cheer you up no matter what, but still interesting enough that you find yourself invested in the characters and world. The characters evolve a bit and there seems to be the usual harem trope going on, but it’s not distracting or cliche.  I did like how it ended by nodding at everything that happened in the show so far, but I was still sad that it ended so soon. That said I can’t praise this silly show enough.  If you are looking for a good time then look no further than KONOSUBA.

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