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Is Cattch worth your time?



What should I play Cattch on?

Avoid it.

How it Plays and Why it Fails:

I really, really wanna love this game… But I can’t.

Cattch started off good. I was even impressed. Cattch’s graphics were nice and the level design was really interesting. The art direction reminded me of the colorful 16 bit games. I loved how the story was told through simple and colorful comic panels. The sound design seemed pretty solid as well.  Unfortunately, I found a lot of problems with Cattch soon after.

Bad level design.

Bad level design.

The cloud hazards can be very hard to see at times. The boundaries for them don’t seem very clearly defined. The collision detection on hazard blocks seems broken at times. The character seems a bit too large for the level during a lot of the tight jumps. The margin for error for a lot of the jumps seemed off. Often I would clip things that would normally kill me but don’t, other times I died.  It felt very badly designed. Cattch  had a decent difficulty progression that soon started to sour due to its level design problems. Areas later on tended to feel more luck based than skill.  Rapidly and weirdly timed moving platforms and hazards were needlessly punishing and passing through said areas didn’t feel rewarding, I was just glad I was past that stupid area. The frustration really started to add up.

The biggest problems with Cattch were the random slow downs in game and, unfortunately later, outright crashes. These made progressing totally impossible. These game breaking problems might be fixed through patching, but the level design issues might be permanent. Cattch has a lot of potential, but it seems it needed more play testing before the final release.

That wonderful your game just crashed screen...

That wonderful your game just crashed screen…

I’m going to keep my eyes on this one for a bit, but I’m not hopeful.


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