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Is The Grading Game Worth Your Time?



What Should You Play It On?

The Grading Game is available on iOS for the iPhone and iPad. As precise as you need to be here, I suggest playing this on the iPad.


Why it Works:

The Grading Game gameplayI’m sure you’ve experienced that one teacher or professor who seems to revel in making your life horrible by taking off points on even the smallest errors. In The Grading Game, you work for that professor as a TA. It’s up to you to flunk the students in your class not only to stay in Professor Snerpus’ good side, but to pay off your student loans as well. Hey, we all gotta eat, right?

Each term consists of 20 different essays you need to grade. The essays themselves are broken up into three sections and you must grade each one a C or below in order to progress and make money. The more Fs you hand out, the more money you make! It’s not quite as easy as it sounds. You’re given a time limit and a different goal for each section. Sometimes you’ll need to find the one mistake in the paragraph while other times you will be faced with a paragraph that has more than 15 mistakes in it. Either way, your goal is to find them all.

The Grading Game tutorialThe gameplay is fairly straightforward. Tap the word you think is incorrect and the game will either correct it if it’s wrong or tell you that the word is correct. If the word is correct you will lose some time. If it is correct you will gain a little bit of time. It’s simple one-touch controls work perfectly. If you don’t want to stress out in career mode you can take a break and play practice mode or arcade mode for quickplays. The fast-paced action really keeps you on edge, especially as you’re looking for that last mistake while watching the time tick by. As you progress through the game, the levels get harder. You need to find more mistakes and the errors are more difficult to find. There are hundreds of levels for career mode. This combined with arcade and practice mode means there’s a ton of play time here as well as replay value. For $0.99 this game will keep you entertained for hours.

What really makes the game enjoyable are the essays. They cover a variety of topics from history to sciences to pop culture. Despite their short length, each essay packs in an amazing amount of information and sparks my interest in the topic. After reading the essay about the Emu War in Australia, I had to go look it up! This combined with the fast gameplay has kept me hooked.


No Like?

I wish there was a better way to fast forward through the money earned section. Right now I need to tap on the screen to speed it up, but I have to tap right at the beginning of the count otherwise it goes at the normal speed. I’ve also noticed sometimes I press a mistake just as time runs out and it doesn’t register the tap. With that said, these don’t really take away from my enjoyment of the game.


Basic Info:

  • Available on iOS for $0.99
  • 24MB
  • Available for iOS 5 or later.



Developer: mode of expression LLC

Developer Twitter


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