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Is Kerohiro worth your time?




What should I play Kerohiro on?

Just don’t.


How it Plays and Why it Fails:  

I can’t make it to level 3.

Kerohiro game playI’ve tried and tried and tried, but I just can’t. The gameplay is so frustrating and unfun I don’t even want to. I only played it as long as I did for the review, and in the hope that it cannot possible  be this bad… But it is.

Kerohiro is very similar to Nimble Quest gameplay wise, just without the good gameplay. In Kerohiro you are in an enclosed area each level. Your characters are endlessly moving forward. You have to swipe to move your units to change direction. You want to get close to the enemy units so that your units can attack, but also want to avoid getting too close to them or approach them at the wrong angle or you will get attacked.

Sounds simple enough and very similar to Nimble Quest… Except the swipe controls aren’t responsive enough. There are also some invisible barriers in the game that you can get stuck on. Enemies have long distance attacks that are way, way to far reaching. The characters are too large on screen giving you a very limited view space leading to way too many surprise attacks and cheap damage/deaths. Level difficulty skyrockets at level friggen 2. If you did want to upgrade your characters it is done in a overly convoluted way that makes no sense whatsoever.

All in all Kerohiro is a bad rippoff of Nimble Quest that gets nothing right and just about every single thing wrong. Now I am not just ripping Kerohiro because it fails in comparison to Nimble Quest, I am ripping it because it’s just an unfun and bad game overall. That Nimble Quest came before this makes Kerohiro all the more frustrating since it had a strong game to build from.

I did like how there was a bit of story that was being told, but honestly it didn’t seem very interesting. Or at least interesting enough for me to want torture myself anymore to play/endure this mess of a game.



Avoid this…



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