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My Zombidle update and impressions.


I loved Zombidle. It was addictive with a good amount of progression. It wasn’t perfect, but it was good enough to take the top endless tapper/game spot on my iPad for a good long while. Like a long, long, long while.

Well it seems I have finally hit the wall that made me decide to stop playing. At least for a little while. Let me just say I put an insane amount of hours into this game. I have prestiged 95 times already. I have beat every beatable area besides the endless final zone. I still wholeheartedly recommend Zombidle to endless clicker/game fans who enjoy progression.

Zombidle burnout main

My biggest problem with Zombidle right now is the final unlockable character: The Tomb King.  The Tomb King’s damage output-to-cost ratio seems totally broken. This is after powering him up with LOTS of progression items. In my opinion the Tomb King isn’t even worth getting.

Instead, powering up and then resetting your progress with Flying Squid seems like the smarter choice  to rinse and repeat. I’ve done that so many times I have gotten kinda bored. As you progress past level 300-350 The Tomb King is totally useless in comparison to the Squid Monster whose level 25 cooldown is invaluable to progressing. Unfortunately, once you get past level 350 there doesn’t seem to be much to do. A few more orbs here and there, but no more chests to help you progress further and no new areas. I really hope more unlockable areas are added to keep the game interesting.

Speaking of play areas Summer Court has the best offline gold farming. This makes no sense considering the difficulty level tops off at 280. I’ve tested every other completed play area after Summer Court, but none come close to its offline value. This makes farming gold offline capped in a way. This also makes getting and upgrading the Tomb King a slow and boring process.

I still don’t like that Hell Area is basically mandatory. You need to watch a LOT of ads to level up and either wait days or watch even more ads to have the upgrades take effect in a reasonable amount of time.  I still think upgrading those structures via the white orbs makes more sense progression wise. I also wish most of the earlier character abilities didn’t become useless later one. Heck even powering up the earlier characters feels like a waste of time once you are able to get to the flying squid.

All is not lost!

The developer has been posting updates on twitter about more content coming soon. Here is hoping this endless addiction.





Basic Info:

  • Free with in-app purchases and lots of ads
  • 48.4 MB



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