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What Did I Think Without Spoiling It?

While looking for a new weekly manga on one of my fave scanlation sites I came across Dragons Rioting and fell in love. I am happy to see the series legally make it to North America. (Thanks Yen Press!)  As soon as I was able to I bought the first two volumes of the manga on Amazon’s Kindle service to enjoy on my iPad. I have to say I am damn happy with my purchases. Everything pops on my iPad’s screen and the translation is perfect.

Dragons Rioting is a gag/fight manga that manages to do both well. It makes fun of ecchi while it overloads you with it. Oddly Dragons Rioting doesn’t come across as pervy to me since it spends as much time making fun of the over the top T&A as it does showcasing it. It also surprisingly serves as a major problem for the main character. With that said, it could also be after years and years reading manga I am just numb to it all already.

In Dragons Rioting you follow Tachibana Rintaro, a boy who diagnosed with Hentai Syndrome – a rare disease that could be fatal if he becomes sexually aroused. He trains with his father to master martial arts to control himself. Afterwards he heads off to an all boys school. Hilarious problems ensue.

Dragons Rioting All boy school problem

Don’t be fooled, there is more to this story than just drawings of busty women, inside you will find likable characters and a fun, crazy world. Fast paced, funny story telling along with phenomenal art make this a must read for anyone looking for a lighthearted manga that constantly entertains and outdoes itself.


Why Dragons Rioting Works:

First off the art is just awesome. It takes the very poses, expressions and reactions from action and gag manga. If you just want to pick up a good art book to practice some cool poses this is great. If you want an art book for interesting faces this is great. If you just want to stare at hilariously over-the-top ecchi art this is magnificent. Dragons Rioting never, ever drops the ball when it comes to its art. You can make dozens of posters from this one volume alone.  As a fan of the manga I can honestly say it only gets better.

Dragons Rioting CastDragons Rioting IntroThe story is pretty absurd and funny. Rintaro proves himself to be a likable character who manages to be easygoing without being bland or empty.  He really just wants to avoid women so he can live as normal life as he can. He is also very desperate and happy to make any new male friends. As the story goes on you can’t help but root for him and be impressed by his non-stop awesome martial arts prowess as he tries to escape the various crazy situations.

The rest of the characters for the most part are fun, but seem one dimensional. As this is the first volume of the series you don’t learn much, but the first volume gives you a good introduction. While I would have loved to have some more character development, I was happy with the story overall. It’s pretty fast paced and manages to be lighthearted despite the amount of fighting that takes place.

Dragons Rioting manages to bring new life to the tired, overdone and frankly beaten to death fight school manga genre. I think it works here because of the likable straight man protagonist.  His unique problem on top of the fact he would rather have a normal life works well against and with a school that is just crazy. The way the writer seems  to poke fun at the absurdity of it all every single chance he gets helps as well.

If this sounds like something you might be a fan of I say check this out. Again, be warned, there is a lot of T&A here so it’s not recommended for those of you who find that sort of thing objectionable and/or plan to read on the subway. Volumes 1 and 2 are already available and volume 3 is on its way.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book.

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Basic Info

  • Available on Kindle for $6.99
  • Amazon Paperback for $11.54
  • Author: Tsuyoshi Watanabe
  • Genre: Fight/Gag/Ecchi/School
  • 136 pages



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