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Is PROUN+ worth your time?




What should I play PROUN+ on?

I would say iPad only. Obstacles are already difficult to see on a larger screen I can’t imagine what it would be like on a smaller one.


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?


This is a let down.


How it Plays and Why it Fails:

When bad level design destroys a game. 

I love racing games. I love tube racers. I love bright, beautiful graphics. I love amazing and fresh gameplay music. I love games with multiple modes.

PROUN FAILPROUN+ has all of these… But PROUN+ also has horrible, not fun level design that just puts everything else to shame. PROUN+ is full of blind turns and hard-to-see collisions making the regular mode more of a frustrating experience than anything else. There is an “easier” mode, but you can only open it’s courses if you place in the top three in the regular mode. Yeah, not worth it. I did play the easier mode levels for a bit and while easier and more enjoyable, it still suffers from frustrating level design problems that quickly kneecap the experience.

PROUN+ makes me angry because this could have been a great game. The art is flashy and beautiful and the music is flat out amazing. Unfortunately, the broken gameplay just overrides everything else. I can’t even appreciate the amount of time the team put into the graphics and music because I’m so frustrated by the actual game. Maybe you can say PROUN+ is catered to those willing to endure and learn its levels. As a racing game fan I totally understand having to master and memorize courses to deal with some particularly brutal turns. But PROUN+ just doesn’t make this experience fun. It feels like punishment. I think there is too much to have to memorize here to really succeed. The core gameplay has to be fun to make memorization of a game seem worthwhile. That is not the case with here.

Don’t get this.


Basic Info:

I’m not promoting this.

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