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Cool cosplayers remind me what’s important.

During my first day at Castle Point Anime Convention I came across a JoJo cosplayer hanging out with a Space Dandy cosplayer. It was the first time I’ve ever seen them cosplayed and I was kinda shocked and geeking out at bit because they were both perfectly done. I asked for a few shots and they both enthusiastically agreed. The attention to detail on both of these costumes floored me.

As I was taking their shots someone else who was photographing the event walked over and stole my camera tripod! After turning around to get it for another shot I realized what had happened. Both cosplayers were shocked and I asked them to wait there as I looked for it. Soon enough I noticed someone looking/staring at me nervously and next to him was my tripod still missing the camera attachment that was attached to my camera. I found the thief.
(I was going to link the thief’s Facebook page, but decided to just email the con staff this post and the link to his profile.)

As I picked up my tripod, the thief started to talk.

Thief: I…I thought it was mine so I brought it over.
Me: Why would your tripod be twenty feet away from you, where you weren’t even shooting? Directly behind me as I was shooting?
Thief: I..I thought it was mine.
Me: And you didn’t notice your’s was here when you got back?
Thief: I thought I left it over there.
Me: Where is your tripod?
Thief: Turns around, and points to a tripod behind him.
Me: So you know it was there and here you are looking nervously at me, as you block your’s. Tell me, why didn’t you notice it was missing the camera attachment as you walked it over? Why didn’t you realize it wasn’t yours when you brought it back and saw your tripod? Just admit it.
Thief: (Looking down) I’m sorry.
Me: For what?
Thief: I took it.
Me: What?
Thief: I stole it.
Me: Stay away from me. If I catch you doing that to someone else you’re going to going to regret it.

At that point I walked away as he once again apologized. I was seething. I took a few moments to compose myself and went back to my shoot. I explained what happened to the cosplayers and they were both shocked. They then both told me this sort of thing never happens at cons like this and went on to explain all the good things about cons and the people there. The more time I spent talking to these two and taking pictures, the more their positivity, chill attitude and general love of the con rubbed off on me. By the time I was done with my shots I was in a happy mood again. I was floored at just how nice these two guys were. I absolutely loved how they were talking about Castle Point Anime Con and the people there. These two really loved the community. Check out these two really nice guys talk about the wonderful people and experiences you can find at cons like Castle Point.
*Funny thing, the sunlight changes dramatically throughout the interview with some interesting results.

Throughout all of my interviews with cosplayers, the love for the community has been a recurring theme. This positivity and appreciation is something I have never encountered before. The more cosplayers who shared this with me, the more I longed to be a part of the community as well.  I am planning my cosplay as I write this. Cosplayers like these two are everything right with the con.

Dandy and JoJo Series 08

Dandy and JoJo Series 07

Dandy and JoJo Series 06

Dandy and JoJo Series 05

Dandy and JoJo Series 04

Dandy and JoJo Series 02

Dandy and JoJo Series 01
Huge thanks to these two guys for being amazing, understanding and taking the time to talk to me. Thanks for cheering me up and showing me the best of side of cons like Castle Point Anime Con. On that note, once again I have to thank Castle Point Anime Convention for having us! Check them out on Facebook here.


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