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Is Dragons Rioting Volume 3

Worth Your Time?

Yes! Dragons Rioting is one of the best action manga on the market today.


What Did I Think Without Spoiling It?

Just get this. Make sure to get volumes one and two first.

Dragons Rioting Volume 3 artTachibana Rintaro (Rin) is back again along with the rest of the insane cast of school fighters in this action-packed comedy adventure. Rintaro is finally seemingly getting used to being at a mostly girl filled fight school. Yes, really. Unfortunately (?) he now has to deal with a new school event that will pair him with the absolute worst possible partner: Kyoka.

Dragons Rioting Volume 3, takes everything you loved about the first two volumes and smashes your expectations to the ground and then fights on them. Then adds another 51.

Even more crazy events happen. The art is as amazing as ever and we are treated to more character growth and world building. Rintaro, continues to be forced out of his shell and the results are hilarious and interesting. I love new backstory that we are treated to. A character that seemed like she would be one dimensional all of a sudden is so much more. The pace of this volume is as fast as ever, but manages to stay interesting throughout. Obvoiously I love Dragons Rioting volume 3. I bought it on Amazon Kindle to read and enjoy on my iPad and it looks and reads wonderfully. If you were a fan of the first two volumes then volume 3 is a no brainer. If you have never read Dragons Rioting, what are you waiting for?



Why Dragons Rioting Volume 3 Works:


Dragons Rioting Volume 3 still has you following Tachibana Rintaro (Rin), a boy who diagnosed with Hentai Syndrome – a rare disease that could be fatal if he becomes sexually aroused. He trained with his father to master martial arts to control his emotions. Unfortunately, he enrolled into a mostly girl filled school that is all about fighting. To make matters worse he accidentally made a big splash and every woman there now has their eyes on him for various reasons.

Dragons Rioting Volume 3 Rurina confessesVolume 3 has Rin seemingly getting adjusted to his new school life. Well, as adjusted as he can be considering his outlandish circumstances. Here Rin finds himself paired with Kyoka, the living embodiment of everything he is trying to avoid.  When I first read this I was surprised. This sort of pairing and forced character interaction felt a bit rushed and forced to me. Yet Dragons Rioting has always been a fast paced manga, so it was just another fun thing to watch play out. Sure enough nothing went the way I thought it would.

Before that could even happen we are treated to new character introductions and the development of a bit of romance in Dragons Rioting! It seems Rurina, Rin’s former foe has developed a bit of an obsession/crush on him. Watching this play out was adorable and funny as her confession gets interrupted. I loved how Rurina went from lovey dovey character, to outright fighter the second her confession was ruined. I really hope she gets fleshed out more. Something about her character is really interesting to me. As a long time reader of the scanlated manga I really find myself rooting for her. Alas though, this moment in the story was about setting the stage for Kyoka to make her entrance and remind us just how much of a badass she is.

Dragons Rioting Volume 3 Kyoka

Rin begrudgingly teams up with Kyoka with plans to win the tournament to make a new pants rule for all the female students. Kyoka just wants to win and in the process learn more about Rin. This is when her character really opened up.

Dragons Rioting Kyoka at homeYou would think with the outfit she was wearing the would be the cliche one dimensional sexpot character. Yet she turns out to be an almost shy studious girl who has a passion for fighting and finding strong new challenges. She just so happens to be a very well mannered and refined young lady at home. Watching this other side of Kyoka come out was really entertaining. She threw Rin and me at the same time. I especially loved how she was a hard teacher and partner to Rin along the way. While never abusive, she made darned sure he never slacked off. It was interesting to see him motivated and forced to try harder. From what we’ve seen from him so far, Rin really never tries very hard at anything besides the occasional fight where he is pushed. Having Kyoka as a motivator from everything as a dance instructor to someone he had to fight against was really interesting. It seemed Rin never took anyone at school very seriously as an opponent until Kyoka knocks him on his ass. That moment he is laying on the ground with a surprised look on his face after realizing he lost was great. I was really worried Rin would have been just another always winning character in the story. Opening him up to failure and sparking the fires of motivation in him was a great choice by the writer.

Dragons Rioting TruthOverall volume 3 of Dragons Rioting was interesting and fast paced as ever. The biggest surprises to me were one: Rin’s admission of his condition to Kyoka. I cannot believe how happy I was that he finally up and said it. It was kinda silly he took so long in telling anyone this. But then he immediately freaks out thinking Kyoka was going to hate him for it. This new found sense of insecurity explains why Rin has been so tight lipped about his serious condition. It makes sense, since he is still just a kid. I gotta say this big reveal hit all the right notes for me. Following it up with some backstory and fleshing out of Kyoka was pretty much perfect. All of sudden her character became that much more fascinating to me.

Dragons Rioting touching for the first timeThen came the biggest shocker. Rin and Kyoka held hands and then she forced him to fight her for real. This was huge. Sure neither encounter was sexual at all. But the fact that they happened teases the mere possibility that maybe, just maybe, Rin may be able to overcome his sickness. This encounter totally has me shipping for Kyoka and Rin to get together now. Sure I adore him and Rurina. But rereading this volume and seeing how Kyoka is able to get Rin out of his shell and motivate him was fascinating and really made me believe she would be great with/for him. Also her mother is hilarious and would make a phenomenal mother in law. I seriously cannot wait for their parents to meet. I get the feeling it will be hilarious.

Dragons Rioting Rins dance trainingThe story is still very absurd but also still action packed and funny. Rintaro proves himself to be a more rounded character and a protagonist that I cannot help but root for. I really liked how Ayane took a backseat in this volume. So far she is pretty one dimensional for me and not really interesting. Sure her interactions with Rin are fun, but right now I get the feeling they are on the path to being an item and it just doesn’t feel right to me.

Once again I wholeheartedly recommend reading this  manga on a tablet device. The translation is excellent and the art is just flawless. This is far superior to any scanlation I have ever read before. I also love that I am now legally supporting one of my favorite manga creators. Thanks Yen Press for bringing this to America.

I wholeheartedly recommend this book.


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Basic Info

  • Available on Kindle for $6.99
  • Amazon Paperback for $11.70
  • Author: Tsuyoshi Watanabe
  • Genre: Fight/Gag/Ecchi/School
  • 160 pages



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