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Is Electronic Super Joy Worth Your Time?

Sorta… Depends on how well you can handle challenging/cheap level design. Electronic Super Joy can be fun, but it can also be maddeningly cheap and frustrating. If you are the type of person who relishes playing games that are tough-as-nails, borderline masochistic this is for you. If not then run away.


How it Plays:

Do you love insanely challenging platform side scrolling 2d games? Can you take the time to look at 2D platformer levels like puzzles that require twitch reactions? If so Electronic Super Joy may well be your next addiction.

Electronic Super joy crazy level
Electronic Super Joy GameplayElectronic Super Joy is a frustrating game for me. As a person creating my own platforming game I see mindbogglingly brilliant level design ideas that leaves me wowed and itching to get back to my GameMaker game. Unfortunately it’s also chock full of levels that at times feel poorly thought out and luck based. Others require pixel perfect platforming along with perfect level memorization. Sure some of those levels have check points, but it no longer feels fun at that point. It becomes more of a personal OCD challenge of clearing the level. Sadly this happens to darned often for my tastes. I know there is an audience for these sorts of games. I am sure some over exaggerating YouTubers are going to have a field day over reacting to Electronic Super Joy. But cussing out a game over and over again because of cheap deaths and insane level design just doesn’t do it for me.

Electronic Super Joy is not something I had the patience to sit through to the very end. I’ve hit a frustration wall on level 39 of 50. I made it pretty far into the game, but I just decided it’s not for me. I may come back to it here and there for platforming inspiration. I will definitely come back here to see and remind myself what not to do. I may even come back to this if I want something to play as I stream for folks if I think my audience wants to see and hear me get upset. But I don’t see this as something I would play or recommend for fun. I just can’t keep sweating into my controller and swearing at my TV as I try over and over again to make frustrating level design work for me. The levels that I am stuck at now all have ice floor physics and require pixel perfect jumps, memorization and luck.  The need for luck is what killed Electronic Super Joy for me.

electronic super Joy bad level designLuck has way too big of a role in this game. Levels and enemies often don’t behave the same. Sometimes homing missiles will fire at you, other times they won’t. Sometimes they will follow you in one way, but when you restart after dying it won’t act the same way.  It’s frustrating when you beat a level because of luck instead of skill.

I can’t get passed level one of the Micro Hell DLC. I beat level 3 of out of 15 of the Hot Sticky Mess DLC expansion but the next stage won’t open up. So that is really freaking frustrating.

Electronic super joy funny writing

Now to the good parts. OMG, when Electronic Super Joy is working, it’s working wonderfully. The music is great. It’s that high energy, high impact sort of music that just keeps you pumped. The level design, when it isn’t outright crazy, is brilliant. Sure things can be cheap, but there is also a puzzle element. Only through incremental trial and error can you “get it” sometimes. It’s times like this when Electronic Super Joy shines brightly. The writing is kinda fun at times too. The background characters mocking you or giving you tips caused me to chuckle. I mean I was ordered to go kill the pope in a crazy tongue-in-cheek sorta way that was more funny than wrong.

Electronic Super Joy crazy level designI’ve come back to this game a few times, trying to make it a bit farther, trying to get it. In the end I just didn’t care for it. I don’t outright hate Electronic Super Joy, but it’s just not consistent enough for me to recommend. I know there are folks who appreciate a good masochistic challenge who are going to read my complaints and plunk down the money right now for this. Others are probably going to look for other platformers that have more consistent, skill based level design with traditional difficulty scaling. That’s not what Electronic Super Joy is about. Electronic Super Joy is a mish mash of chaos that mixes gameplay styles, directives and level design into a bucket and whatever happens in the next level may or may not be what you were expecting. That is what makes it amazing at times. It’s also why it fails for me. Too many times this mish mash of ideas just doesn’t play well and sadly isn’t fun for me.

Avoid this. 

Basic info:

  • $7.99 for the base game on Steam
  • 14.99 for the Bonus Content Pack that I have
  • Full Controller Support
  • Steam Achievements and Trading cards available
  • Keyboard Support
  • Single Player Game





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