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Is Lost Frontier Worth Your Time?

Sorta… Depends on how well you can handle challenging/cheap level design. Lost Frontier can be fun, but it is also unbelievably slow and frustrating. If you are the type of person who relishes playing statagey games that are tough-as-nails and borderline masochistic then this is for you. If not then run away.


How it Plays:

Let’s start off with the good. I love the art. I love the music. I love the adult story. I even love the world building that happens in Lost Frontier. I feel like this could be the beginning of a franchise universe. I can totally see Mika Mobile making other types of games in this world. I would totally love to play other types of games in this universe and I am eager to see how this universe evolves. There are lot’s of interesting elements added during the campaign like tanks and even helicopters. There’s even a supernatural element you run into early on in the form of werewolves.

Now the bad.

I just don't wanna fight back anymore.

I just don’t wanna fight back anymore.

I gave up on the campaign at stage eleven.

There are twenty four stages.


I'll get you soon Mr. Bad guy!

I’ll get you soon Mr. Bad guy!

I am not enjoying a Mika Mobile game. I never thought that would happen.  I might come back to  this later on. Knock out a stage at a time maybe. For sure there is a good bit of pleasure I got after figuring out how to solve a level. Some of them early on felt all but impossible, but sooner or later they clicked. Unfortunately, a lot of said clicking entailed waiting out the enemy with attrition and then waiting even more to build a huge force to overwhelm them.

Eventually. I will get to beat this stage eventually. This is turn 45 or so...

Ugh…. so the pic above is like turn 48 or so…

Lost Frontier’s campaign is just not fun for me.

So the cannons shoot through mountain walls. Totally cheap. Totally game breaking for me.

So the cannons shoot through mountain walls. Totally cheap. Totally game breaking for me.

Unlike other Mika Mobile games, there is too much waiting around. There is no balanced difficulty curve here. It starts off pretty good and then…bam, solve this stage by spending a lot of time enduring it. Most of the time I spend waiting around to make money. That is not fun. I haven’t noticing much variety with how stages can be defeated so far either. That is another minus for me.

I’m playing with the living legend character Doc Valentine. He is at level 18 right now. Besides his personal level growth and the perks he gives my healing units there is no progression. At least nothing substantial that I’ve earned yet. If I grind more  and level him up way more he will give more boosts to my units. But that is just not a fun prospect right now.  Lost Frontier is a slow going chore of a game for me.  I may go back and try to level one of the other legends, since they are more damage focused than my original choice.

There is an option via in app purchase to instantly raise the level of one of my heroes to maximum level. I may do this later on, but I kinda wonder if this was why the game is so hard in the first place. It makes me sad to think that may be the case, but as powerful as the living legend characters can get it seems kinda likely.

There is hope for Lost Frontier. It has a multiplayer mode!
Jasmine and I haven’t had the chance to get to this yet, but we will try to go a few rounds this weekend and give you our thoughts this week. We did discover you can only have one custom game going at a time. So if we want to do a two on two match and a 2 AI vs the two of us we are out of luck.

Pay to win? Pay to enjoy? Pay to be able to beat the damn game?

Pay to win? Pay to enjoy? Pay to be able to beat the damn game?

Honestly though, if Lost Frontier has good local multiplayer game we would recommend it. The iPad needs more local multiplayer games, so we will take what we can get. I get the feeling though that Lost Frontier is one of those multiplayer games you just can’t come back from if you are losing in a player versus player fight.

Sadly, I just don’t have the time or patience to recommend the Lost Frontier for its campaign right now. It’s too hard, too drawn out with not enough action to keep me engaged. Grinding in other Mika Mobile games meant playing the game and finding the best levels and methods. Here it’s just about skipping turns and passively making money while wasting a lot of time. It’s not fun. That makes me sad because it seems that Mika Mobile tried to tell a serious story in this game. I may end up just putting another few dollars into the game to max my heroes out and then try plowing through the game afterwards. I appreciate what Mika Mobile tried to do here and I want to see it through to the end. I also love their past work a lot. So yeah, I’ll hand over more cash to them in the hopes that the game gets better. I know that sounds bad, but I really want to love this game. It also seems like you can use your powered up hero perks in multiplayer. If so that may well justify spending the money if it will spice up the multiplayer experience for us. Can I recommend Lost Frontier as a single player campaign experience?


Anywho those are my impressions and thoughts. Lemme know whatcha think in the comments.


Basic info:

  • $2.99 for iTunes
  • In App Purchases To Power Up Characters.
  • Single Player Campaign
  • Several Multiplayer modes




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