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SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell

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A little while ago we showed you the preview of SEUM: Speedrunners from hell. Well now I played the hell outta the demo and am ready to give my demo review. SEUM has a ton of potential. The demo was for the most part interesting and fun. Some parts could use some tuning in my opinion. Clear times can be punishing to say the least, but SEUM is all about pushing yourself and getting the very best time possible. So expect some frustration. That said nailing the level that gave you a hard time does feel good. I really did enjoy the creative level design for the most part. The music was fun and upbeat as well. I can see this as really great game to stream for those popular folks or just something to keep yourself busy as you race to beat your best times. I really hope the devs add a ghost mode. I don’t see myself cracking the top three any time of ever, but I would really love to race myself and or my friends.

SEUM Speedrunners from hell problem final level

Now the experience wasn’t perfect. The final level of the demo for SEUM was flat out cheap and broken in my opinion. The fireballs you had to work with while still accounting for time were a bad idea in my opinion. It turned the final demo area into something more about luck than skill. It also left a bad taste in my mouth with the demo when I was finished with it. I enjoyed most of the levels in SEUM, but the idea of having to deal with such cheap hazards really put me off.

Another issue I had with the demo was the speed run times. I call bullshit on those. I see no way in hell of cracking those those top five scores. The fireball arcing when launched was also annoying. The levels that had jumps were also annoying. That said SEUM seems like an interesting experience that I can’t wait to spend more time with. I like the idea of a FPS speed runner. Sure some of the levels and mechanics can be streamlined a bit more, but I see nothing but potential here. I can’t wait to experience what endless mode will be like as well as the rest of the levels.


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