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Is Tick Tock Bang Bang Worth Your Time?

Oh my gods yes!



What Should You Play it On?

PC only right now.


How it Plays and Why it Works:

Tick Tock Bang Bang is an amazing genre mash up that manages to get everything right.

I’ve never played anything like this before. Tick Tock Bang Bang was a mind boggling and ground breaking experience for me. When I was offered a review copy of the game I didn’t quite know what to expect. I quickly glanced at the trailer and had a feeling this would be some fast-paced action-packed game that uses freeze time to just dodge shots. The trailer looked really kick ass and interesting. Check it out below:

I was sorta right. In Tick Tock Bang Bang you find yourself in control of a stunt woman who has the ability to slow time to a crawl when she isn’t moving. Using this power you try and navigate totally impossible situations were you in “normal” time speed. With your stunt woman’s powers you find yourself deconstructing the chaos to succeed. Brilliant.

So run in there and dodge the lasers. Face first.

So run in there and dodge the lasers. Face first.

So yeah you do dodge with “freeze time” sorta, but it’s so much more than that. Even when time is moving slower, it’s still moving so you can’t just dawdle. Tick Tock Bang Bang is somewhat slower paced than I was expecting, but you still need to move and react just. You just need to think a whole lot more. Tick Tock Bang Bang is a puzzle platformer with FPS elements mixed in. It’s brilliant. It’s not so much about blowing things up or twitch gameplay, but analyzing and conquering the madness of each new level. It’s a super tense experience that always made me hyper aware of my situation. There is a reason for everything in this game. If you want to succeed you need to pay attention. I held my breath in quite a few levels. This may well be my game of the year.

Tick Tock Bang Bang sexy purple stageThe controls for the PC via keyboard or a controller never felt perfect for me. I actually found myself using a combination of the two: my Xbox controller’s directional stick to move and my PC mouse to aim. That combination worked flawlessly for me. If there is one downside to the game it’s the music. When time slowed you find yourself subjected to some really annoying noise. It’s even worse when you are starting and stopping a lot to get past some busy areas. That may have been planned. I know when I hear the noise constantly shifting from actual noise/music and the slow sound, it seems to make everything feel that much more tense. So if that’s the plan it works, but it’s still darned annoying.

Tick Tock Bang Bang FeatureThere are times when I found myself running like a mad man, but that’s only after learning a certain section and dying a few times already. If you’re more of a speedrunner, the game does have a leaderboard for fastest level completion. Normally speed running doesn’t do it for me, but quite a few of the levels are really fun and I can see myself going back to beat my old time. I would love it if there were a ghost option so I could race myself instead of some names on a leader board. I totally see myself streaming this. Tick Tock Bang Bang is not only a fun game to play, but it’s also fun game to watch. Jasmine was working next to me as I was playing this for the first time and she found herself pretty much watching me play the whole time.

The level design and challenges that players encounter in Tick Tock Bang Bang is pretty amazing. I would love to see a full fledged platformer sequel with a real story attached. Right now it’s a beefy experience at fifty levels, but it took me only about two hours to beat the game. Sure it’s no 80 hour epic experience, but that’s about half the cost of a movie ticket here in New York City for a hell of a lot more fun than most of the summer block busters. Besides the main levels, you can also play user-generated ones. I’ve already played around with the level generator quite a bit, so be on the lookout for an insane level from me.

Tick Tock Bang Bang Boss fightI know I am gushing here, but Tick Tock Bang Bang managed to somehow constantly surprise and entertain me. I think throughout the 50 levels only two actually upset me. The rest were entertaining with just the right amount of challenge.

The graphics are flat out amazing. Just beautiful stuff going on all around the screen. Thankfully it’s not hard to keep track of obstacles. Sure there are a lot of fun explosions, but the screen never feels cluttered. When I did lose sight of something because of an explosion, I found myself getting even more tense and gripping my controller a littler tighter as I waited for the cloud to clear to make my next moves.

Tick Tock Bang Bang think and then move

I know I said this in the beginning, but it feels right to close this way as well. I’ve never played anything like this before. Tick Tock Bang Bang is a mind boggling and ground breaking experience. The entire time I was playing this game I found myself just awed. Sort of like when you play a new console for the very first time and everything is mind blowing.  Tick Tock Bang Bang is full of flash and love. The levels are for the most part wonderfully thought out. I did find myself wishing it was a bit longer, but that was more a selfish feeling than a let down by the game developer.





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A free Steam game key was given to me to review. 

Basic Info:

  • $9.99 on Steam
  • Full Controller Support
  • Keyboard & Mouse Support
  • Controller & Mouse Support
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Steam Leader boards
  • Lots of replay

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